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Hero Of All Time Essay

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When someone thinks of a superhero majority of the time they’ll think of the all mighty Superman or Captain America. But what really makes a hero? Is it the ability to withstand any force thrown upon them? Or is it their incredible super strength? Hero’s are not always what we expect them to be. However they are not always what cartoons tend to describe them. We sometimes think and refer to a hero as someone that will come and save us flying or doing some sort magic, but that is not what a hero is. A hero is someone with tremendous amount of courage and bravery and will be in the front line ready for any duty or obstacle comes upon them. One of the greatest 20th century hero ever lived is Audie Murphy.
Born in Kingston, Hunt County, Texas on June 20, 1924, Audie Murphy was raised ...view middle of the document...

One of Audie’s most courageous moments in combat started on January 26, 1945. Murphy and Company B found themselves on the outskirts of woods facing the German village of Holtzwihr. The weather was miserably cold and uncomfortable as the American force waited tensely for an attack. Suddenly, six heavily equipped German tanks appeared supported by a large infantry began moving toward them and instantly put two American tank destroyers out of action. Audie ordered his men to retreat while he stayed put with his field telephone requesting artillery fire upon the German infantry. Audie realizes the Germans were getting closer and with great bravery and courage he climbed onto a burning tank destroyer-which could have exploded at any second-and began firing its.50-caliber machine gun. He killed dozens of German soldiers, forcing the tanks to fall back due to lack of protection coverage. Though he suffered a gunshot would to the leg, he refused medical help and instead rallied his men to make a counterattack. The Germans were forced to retreat.
Audie’s heroism earned him the Congressional Medal of Honor, which is the highest military award given. Later on that year when Audie returned back to the states, he was a national hero. Life magazine put him on its cover, identifying him as “America’s Most Decorated Soldier.” Audie didn’t spend his entire life on the battlefield. He was also an actor. Starred in forty-four films throughout his career. Films such as “To Hell And Back” and “The Red Badge of Courage.”
Unfortunately on May 28, 1971, Audie was killed when the private plane he was board on crashed into Brush Mountain in Virginia. Days after he was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.
Audie Murphy was one of the most heroic American soldiers ever lived. Gone but never forgotten.

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