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Herman Miller Essay

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Research paper 1
SCADA Attack worldwide

In era of modern technology evolves and it change continuously over the time as well as it creates risk or threat. The emergence of Internet and worldwide technologies as these systems were tightly integrated with business systems and became more exposed to cyber threats.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) protocols are communications protocols designed for the exchange of control messages on industrial networks. A control system is a device or set of devices to manage, command, direct, or regulate the behavior of other devices or systems. By ...view middle of the document...

As we know that Security of control systems became a concern issue since the emergence of Internet and the rise in terrorist threats.
SCADA systems are exposed to the same cyberspace threats as any business system because they share the common vulnerabilities with the traditional information technology (IT) systems. Also, most SCADA systems are not protected with appropriate security safeguards. The operating personal is lacking the security training and awareness. But we are not aware that threats against SCADA systems are ranked high in the list of government concerns. All the time, threats are often poorly understood and ignored, and the vast majority of organizations lag in realizing secure infrastructures. In complexly interactive systems whose elements are tightly coupled, great accidents are inevitable. Vulnerabilities and attacks could be at different levels- software controlling or controlled device, application, storage, data access, LAN, Internet, communications. While the exact number of cyber attacks against control systems is not known because many enterprises will not tell the public, a few recent cyber attacks and vulnerabilities are disclosed for SCADA systems. In 2005, Computer emergency readiness team (CERT) posted for the first time a few vulnerabilities for SCADA systems (CERT SCADA, 2007), although many more vulnerabilities are reported via other reports and sources (Byres et al., 2006; Geer, 2006). Although CVSS is an emerging standard, it has some limitations.

SCADA Attack incidents reported
Even though, it is really hard to see the fact about cyber attacks due to their reputations and confidential information. Here is the following list summarizes the analysis results of all cyber incidents considered for this report based on type, origin, perpetrator, and motivation of the attacker.
* 42% of all incidence were conducted by means of mobile malware
* 61% of the perpetrators originated from external sources
* 43% of the perpetrators backgrounds were malware authors
* 43% had a motivational intention of...

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