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Here And There Essay

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I have been in Beijing for one and a half years, and my life only consists of three parts--studying ,working and making new friends.What I get the most is from making friends.. Today, I would like to share you two /three stories about what my friends brings to me.

The first story is about how my friends gave me new perspectives
Last Saturday afternoon, I paid a visit to Beijing Normal University under the guidance of a friend who studies in that school. My friend showed me around in the school and introduced to me their cafeteria, office building , library and so on. One thing must mention is that she can clearly tell me some details such as all the words entitled in the slogans are ...view middle of the document...

The second story about looking at problems from another point of view
In my winter vacation, We usually share our opinions when my friends and I at the table.. Although most of the time,the number of boys are more than girls, I think it is does not matter. From their words,I know how boys think about a problem and what the difference of thinking style between them and girls. For example, one boy told me that he and his girlfriend have kept the relationship for about six years but they are not sure whether they want to be with each other the whole life at all. I asked him: “ why not talk about this problem with her?” His answer shocked me. He said that it is not a hurry for him to think about this issue. So even if one day they break up, it is not too late to marry a nice girl. It is a fact. Most girls treat the boys as their focus of life and spend their most beautiful time with the boys.But one day when they break up, actually they had missed the best time and chance to realize their dreams or get a good job. So talking with boys and knowing how they think and what they take for granted. And we would be wiser,...

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