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Herbert George Wells

One of the most prolific writers of his time, H.G. ( Herbert George) Wells was able to do it all. He was universal, and could write from many different sides. He was one of the most versitile writers, as he could write like a novelist, as in the The History of Mr. Polly. He could also write short stories, like The Star, or The Door In The Wall. He was also considered to be a visionary and a dreamer, as shown throughout A Modern Utopia, and Men Like Gods. What Wells was most famous for was his ability to be a scientific romancer. His novels, The Time Machine, The War of The Worlds, and The Invisible Man, were what he became most widely known for. All his ...view middle of the document...

He taught in private schools for four years, not taking his B.S. degree until 1890. Next year he settled in London, married his cousin Isabel and continued his career as a teacher in a correspondence college. From 1893 Wells became a full-time writer.
After some years Wells left Isabel for one of his brightest students, Amy Catherine, whom he married in 1895.

Wells began to write fantasy fiction because he wanted to make money, and to get on with his writing career. He decided to write in this genere because he thought, and was right, that there was a large amount of people looking for spine chilling stories and the unexplained. Also, Wells knew of some of the early tales of the unexplained and far fetched: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and The Last Man, and also works of Edgar Allan Poe, all which he enjoyed profousely. Wells made his debut with The Time Machine, where the Time Traveler lands in the year 802701 and finds two people: the Eloi, weak and little, happy during the day, scared at night, who live above ground, and the Morlocks, apelike and carnivorous creatures that live below ground. Much of the realism of the story was achieved by carefully studied technical details. The Time Machine was a great success, and is the first of hundred's of writings Well's produced. The Island Of Doctor Moreau (1896) is the most horrifying of Wells's fantasies and one of the best written. The doctor is seeking to make animals half human by means of vivisectional surgery, the transplatation of organs, and the pain involved is very vividly described. Doctor Moreau suceede's in making some of his man-animals talk and even read, but they tend to revert to the beast, so Moreau continues to try to get all the animal out, and make a creature of his own. Moreau is then killed by his creatures, which continue to come to their demise, and finally all die off. When the H.M.S. Scorpion visits the island, there is nothing alive there except for a few "white moths,...

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