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Her Vs The Picture Essay

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Compare between ‘Her’ by Titis Basino and ‘The Picture’ by Nawal Al Saadawi
Comparing the literary works just looks by the similarities and differences between the two or more literary works, In this case, I am going to comparing between two literary works, which is ‘Her’ by Titis Basino and ‘The Picture’ by Nawal Al Saadawi. ‘Her’ is a translated Indonesian short story written by Titis Basino. Titis Basino was born on January 17, 1939 in Magelang, Indonesia. She graduated from the University of Indonesia in 1962. While ‘The Picture, is a translated Arabic short story written by Nawal Al Saadawi. Nawal Al Saadawi was born on October 27, 1931 in Kafr Tahla, a small village outside Cairo.
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It indicates that the men have an authority toward women, and in the story of ‘The Picture’ by Nawal Al saadawi also tells about men’s authority who does sexual abuse toward his servant, Nabawiyyah. Narjis is a young girl who feels disappointment to her father, she saw her father attitude to Nabawiyya. Nabawiyya is the servant in her home. In that part, of course she was very shocked because the father had raped her. It makes Narjis disappointed with her father. In the society, her father is a great person and respected by society but in the house, he really different with people’s thought.
And the differences of this story, we can see from the End of the story that in the short story of ‘Her’ by Titis Basino, the wife (Mrs. Hamid) finally willing to accept her husband’s second wife, the attitude of accepting Mrs. Hamid to her husband makes their relationship happy Ending, While it is different with the story of ‘The Picture’ by Nawal Al Saadawi that the Ending of the story, the daughter (Narjis) disappointed with her father, she cannot accept her father’s attitude, it makes the relationship between father and his daughter became not good.
There are so many authority that we found in our live, it also contained in ‘Her’ and ‘The Picture’ short story. Here, we take the construct man and woman thing inside of ‘Her’ and ‘The Picture’. Both of these stories tell about how man has authority toward woman. Such as, the authorities of Mr. Hamid toward his wife, Mrs. Hamid, in ‘Her’ short story by Titis Basino and the authority of father toward his daughter, Narji, in ‘The Picture’ short story by Nawal El Saadawi. Besides that, there are a lot of moral values that we can take. The author gives so many messages of life to us that we can apply in our real life.

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