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Henslin Essay

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Thuy Tran
10/19/15 101-0032
Outline: History of Middle Ages
Introduction: Middle Ages began when Western Roman Empire collapsed. Byzantine and Islamic appeared before the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages is the middle period of three traditional division of Western history: early, the high, and the late Middle Ages. Middle Ages is an important part of Western Civilization. It through many different period of time of the Middle Ages helps Western Civilization development economy and political. Each period of Middle Ages affect to how Civilization changes and growth. Western Civilization had more strong and created many intellect men. Also, the last Pagan Europe was converted to ...view middle of the document...

At this time, Byzantine develop a rich musical, artistic, and architectural traditional. And he created a tonal system that influences the course of Western music. He mainly concerned itself with glorifying the empire and serving region purposes. Byzantine have many religions experience so they developmental Island emerged from Arabia.
* Disadvantage: they suffered many battle from many people, weakened Byzantine, and finality feel the Ottoman Turk in 1454. Byzantine artists never exploded realism as deeply as their Western counterparts did. Therefor Ravenna became the center of much early than Byzantine.
B. Islam
* Advantage: Islam broke into three major sets: the Sunnites and Smite, divided question of leadership and orthodoxy, but Sufi who rejected rational speculation instead cultivated mystical spiritual experience. Also, part of Islam is Sufi had grew dramatically during the thirteenth century Mongol invasions. Islam preserved the Hellenic tradition and helped pass it on the west.
* Disadvantage:
* A lot of Arab women improved with Islam but ambiguities in the Qur’an and Hudith it caused that development of an Arab style patriarchy in which women were entirely subordinate to men. Otherwise they endured restrictions and penalties as non-Muslim.
II. Early in the middle Ages (K500-1000)
A. Western Europe during the Middle Ages
* Advantage:
- Pope Gregory the Great made Catholic in Italy is a power stronger than Emperor Exarch and established dominant the peninsula for centuries. Around 5th ns, Roman legions couldn’t conquer Ireland and the Western Roman Empire collapsed and Christianity managed there.
- In the 6th century, the Byzantine Empire restored rule of Italy, Spain, and Missionaries sent from Ireland help to convert England to Christianity in the 6th century restoring that faith as the dominant in Western Europe.
* Disadvantage:
* Monks is leader the mission if Gaelic monasteries into West Europe during the Middle Ages, and it establishing in Northern Britain and then it go through to Anglo-Saxon England and the Frankish Empire during the Middle Ages.
* Before establishing monasteries, the Western Civilization suffered a collapse of literacy and organization following the Fall of Rome in AD 476. Literacy monks became some the last preservers in Western Europe.
* During Western Civilization, after fall of Roman “All men intellect joined the Church and nobody in west Europe out of monastic can’t read and write writer by Kenneth Clark. Because when the Rome be collapsed may be they lose of many things or all they not allow men participate to the Church for teaching for them read and write.
B. The Muslim advance into Europe stopped
* Advantage:
* When the Byzantine Empire was restored and around 610 preaching a new region monotheistic. Islam and 622 became the civil and spiritual leader of Medina. A Multiethnic Islam Empire was...

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