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Henry Viii Foreign Policy Essay

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How far do Source 1 and Source 2 suggest that the young Henry VIII saw the nobility as his friends and supporters?
Sources 1 and 2 have very different ideas of whether Henry VIII saw the nobility as his friends and supporters, as initially both sources seem very contradictive of each other. Source 1 is very based around the idea of a Henry seeing a friendship between him and the nobility whereas Source 2 suggests that Henry and the nobility had a very conflicting relationship which was not friendly in any aspect. However there are further aspects in the Sources which both agree with one another in the portrayal that they Henry did see the nobility as his friends and supporters.
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Source 1 further agrees that the Henry saw the nobility as his friends and supporters as they are shown as companions at dinner, taking part in entertainment, and it quotes “they all laughed and danced” and “joked with all” these statements from source 1 indicate that the King did see the nobility in fact as his friends and supporters as laughing and dancing would suggest a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere with people you would feel comfortable with and this would highlight a friendship as there is clearly no tension or no hierarchy noted. Source 1 however may be fairly biased and unreliable in the way that their relationship is illustrated as friendly because the source was a description from Henry’s point of view and the festivities were controlled and organised by the King so his judgement of the situation and his pleasure may have altered the truth, especially as Henry would’ve wanted people to believe he was powerful, which having a strong friendship and lots of support from the nobility would provide.
In Source 1 the King arranged for light-hearted entertainment where he had the nobility “parade in strange costumes” this suggests that the King’s relationship with the nobility wasn’t primarily professional as the messing around suggests he saw them as in fact friends. This suggestions contradicts what is said in source 2 where Henry is seen issuing orders against retaining and threatening those that do not comply with his instructions, it states “the king commands to cease forthwith… or bear the King’s anger and...

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