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Henry Viii Essay

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How far do the sources suggest that there was considerable resistance to the Amicable Grant of 1525?
Explain your answer, using the evidence of sources 1, 2 and 3
Sources 1 and 3 agree that there was considerable reistance to the Amicable Grant of 1525, however source 2 suggest that there was conformity to the Amicable grant

Source 1 agrees that there was a considerable resistance to the amicable grant of 1525, as it says ‘Reports for the secret ears of the Cardinal, show the dissatisfaction prevailing.’ This ...view middle of the document...

This suggests that people have changed their mind and are happy to pay. However this source is coming from ‘Suffolk’ where people are conforming and paying the tax, whereas in Kent people are refusing to conform to the king’s request. This suggests that people are acting differently in different areas of England. Similarly, source 3 Agrees with source 1; it suggests that people were not comfortable with the amicable grant as they ‘arose up in arms against the commissioners’.
Source 1 has been written by Archbishop of Canterbury, William Warham to Wolsey. Warham was a commissioner in Kent for the amicable grant. This suggests that the source is a primary source which makes it more reliable. However the information gathered by Warham was second hand, reports given by the ‘secret ear of the cardinal’ it could be biased but at the same time it could be valid as the person was a spy and was closer to the situation/people of England.
In comparison to source 1, source 2 has more reliable and valid information as it’s been written by duke of Suffolk who was a close friend of Henry since childhood, it’s a primary source as it’s been written in 1525.

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