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Henry Ford Essay

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Henry Ford
At the beginning of this semester, I chose Henry Ford from the American History as the subject of my research project. I chose Henry Ford as the subject because I learned something about him when I was a high school student. And I have a car of Ford, but I didn’t remember anything about Henry Ford now. Therefore, I decided to choose Henry Ford as the subject of my research project because I want to know more detail about Henry Ford and his company. After I chose the topic, I read the tips and guidelines of the research project carefully. Then, I started to research the project of Henry Ford.
First of all, I used Google to search the information about Henry Ford. I found some websites which introduce the ...view middle of the document...

Then, I talked about the childhood of Henry Ford on the third page. I thought that the childhood was an important period for Henry Ford after I read the resources which were from the internet. The childhood influenced Henry Ford a lot and lay the foundation of mechanical ability and leadership for Henry Ford. The forth page show the early career of Henry Ford. I introduced the early career of Henry Ford because he didn’t build a vehicle immediately when he grew up. I believed it was important to display the changes of Henry Ford. In order to get more information about the early life of Henry Ford, I went to the Kent Library to find some books about Henry Ford. I thought those books could have more detail information about Henry Ford. I also needed to find at least one print sources. Fortunately, I found a book named Young Henry Ford : A Picture History of the First Forty Years which was written by Sidney Olson. I knew that I didn’t have enough time to read all articles of the book. So I used the contents of this book to find the articles which I was interesting in. This book was very useful for me to find the detailed things about the early life of Henry Ford. After I found one book about Henry Ford, I tried to find one more to support my research project. A book named Henry Ford and Grass-Roots America which was written by Reynold M. Wik appeared before my eyes. In this book, I got more detailed information of Henry Ford when he was a farmer. I though that these two books were real helpful for me to research the project of Henry Ford. Therefore, I borrowed these two books from Kent Library for the rest part of the project.
Next, I was going to finish the third part of Ford Motor Company.

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