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Hemophilia 4 Essay

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Hemophilia is the best known of hemorrhagic disorders. When a person has hemophilia, the blood does not clot properly and bleeding persists. The people who have hemophilia are called hemophiliacs or bleeders. Bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia, result from a disruption of the body's process of how blood clots are formed. The coagulation process involve platelets as well as plasma proteins called clotting factors. Clotting begins when platelets stick to the site of an injury to a blood vessel. The proteins in the plasma that cause blood to clot is absent. Hemophilia is named from a Greek word meaning " fond of blood". There are two types of hemophilia. Hemophilia A, which is the ...view middle of the document...

She might transmit the defective gene to her children. It is very rare for a girl to have hemophilia. Most often hemophilia occurs in families who have a history of diseases which pass from grandfather to grandson through the mother who is a carry. It does pop up in families which the disease hasn't been previous. This is not yet determine why. The major problem for hemophiliac's isn't external cuts which can be treated with pressure and bandages, but it is uncontrolled internal bleeding. The amount of bleeding various from person to person. The more severe forms of hemophilia become visible early in life. Newborns often show no signs of hemophilia unless the are circumcised . This causes extensive bleeding. If the infant is not circumcised, signs of hemophilia don't show until a child starts crawling or walking in which bruised markings appear were they have fallen or hit something. Hemophilia, in mild forms, may not show up later in life, until extensive bleeding occurs only after surgery, tooth extraction, or major injury to any body parts. A physician can diagnose hemophilia by using specialized laboratory tests to measure the clotting activity of factors eight and nine, or other factors for that matter. Further investigating can occasionally turn up the condition in other members of the family. The way current medical treatment is advancing, people with hemophilia can have a close to average life expectancy. Although the disease is life long, it can be controlled with medication or the administration of clotting factors. This allows a relatively normal life. Depending on how severe the hemophilia is in a patient, it may be necessary to take extra care to decrease bleeding as a result of physical activity. If hemophilia is in advanced stages, it may lead to anemia as a result of excessive and continuous blood loss. Bleeding in the joints can occur in this stage. It can cause very painful swelling which over a long period of time can lead to permanent deformity and hemophilic arthritis. Sometimes the disorder becomes more difficult to control because antibodies develop to the clotting factor that has been used in treatment. Treating bleeding outbreaks may involve the administration of AHF alone to speed up clotting. Without treatment, reoccurring bleeding into the joints can happen. This causes chronic pain and weakness and can destroy joints all together. Blood has also been known to gather around the neck, head, or in the digestive system. This condition is extremely dangerous and extremely...

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