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Hemingway The Analasys Of The " A Old Man In Another Country"

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Ernst Hemingway «The strange country». Analysis of the text. 3
1. A summary of the text 3
2. Analysis of the lexical fields of the story «The strange country» 5
3. The commenting on the story «The strange country» 8
Ernest Hamingway “The old man at the bridge” (1938) 10
1. A summary of the story “The old man at the bridge” 10
2. Analysis of the selected papagraph. 13
3. The analysis of the dialogue 15
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The author has got good reasons inherent in his own fate. The first point refers to the division of the objective of wartime and subjective time, where war is no longer there. The second point relates to the consequences of that division. Those wounds on the body and soul of a man who left it there for the war.
1.4 The first sentence of the text of the story contains quite some гетерохрония - subjective coincidence of external military time with the internal time of the wounded officers, for whom the war is over. However, the first sentence finds definite logical connection with the last sentence of the story, where the mayor looked x-ray images in the window. It is the aspiration of the soul of the character in the future, and also aspiration of the soul of the author (Hemingway), as the major's not interested in x-rays. What in the pictures - all this will come with time heals, but the wounds, which leaves a war of the heart of man, these wounds cannot be seen on x-rays, but they heal very very long time. Sometimes not time to heal within the whole life of a man who went to war and the war-torn.
1.5 The author breaks down the narrative, putting their lines in the mouth of one character, a young and little is know about the life of an officer, then another, older and experienced major, which shows a much more profound reflection of the events in the story. Generated by author antithesis gives rise to a contradiction in views of one and another character on the same events, and because he, himself, tells the story in the first person, and the old mayor characterize what is happening by using different from each other lexical means, different forming the syntax of the statements in rare for this genre dialogues, as well as different views on what is happening facts.
1.6 The first sentence of the story introduces us into the inner world of its main characters. They are the creators of the war, but they are also children of war, and they are also victims of war. The strong position of the first proposal form a paradoxical combination of internal and external - the continuation of the war, as unnatural state contemporary author of mankind, and the end, the war for those who could feel her internal tragedy and hopelessness. This thesis again repeated by the author in the text because this main theme largely determines and directs the actions of the main characters in this story all along, even in some degree, provides the reader to realize that they are inconsistent, illogical and contradictory.
1.7 The disaster heroes of the story already took place. She was held for the whole of mankind, however, the rest of humanity lightly and shortsighted still does not see this disaster. Her story the author contrasts theatrical action taking place in the Italian pubs, carnival, a feast during the plague, painted girls and glossy magazines, hung for visitors along the tables. All they don't want to know and hear about the war, but the war is...

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