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Hemingway's Nada. The Philosophy Of Hemingway's Litterature And How He Views Nada

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In 'The light of the world' written by Ernest HemingwaySteve Ketchel, a boxersymbolizes a Jesus figure for a woman called Alice. Alice, a 350pound, unpleasant prostitute struggles with her current life. Hercentral being focuses at the belief that she had a sexualrelationship with Steve Ketchel. This wishful illusion arisesfrom a complex she has because of her ugly and unpleasantappearance. Nick Adams, the main Hemingway character, believesthat Alice, although she has really given up her life, still hasthe chance to change and live a happy life. Steven K. Hoffmanwould call this belief Alice has 'nada'.Nada is a term used in Hemingways story 'A clean welllighted place'. Steven K. Hoffman interpreted the word in anEssay he wrote. The word nada translated to English, basicallymeans 'nothing'. But further it means much more than the simpleword nothing.Nada from the point of Alice's view means that there is nothingbehind of ...view middle of the document...

How much lower can you get?She suppresses her problems with her dreams and illusions. Themost important belief is that she had a sexual relationship withKetchel. That is her main belief. For a normal American, Jesuswould the most important belief. Ketchel gives her the strengthto withstand her complexes. Ketchel in other words symbolizesJesus. That is of course very sad. When comparing Jesus withKetchel, you will not find any connecting. Ketchel is just apopular boxer among her friends and she knows nothing more ofhim. For her Ketchel is more than just a man to have sex with. Assaid, for her Ketchel is Jesus. 'There was never a man likethat.', said Alice.Alice did not succeed in her life. Not that it is over, buttill now she did not make herself happy. She is unhappy, she is aprostitute and the most important; she has no belief. Her beliefis as stated above Ketchel. As it seems she does not want tochange. 'Leave me with my memories ... With my true, wonderfulmemories.' Notice how she insist that her memories are true. Sheis living a lie.The only person who seems to see Alice in a different way isNick Adams. Nick Adams is found in most of the Hemingway stories.What I conclude then is that Nick represents Hemingway in eachstory. Further this could mean that Hemingway himself found thata person like Alice still has the potential to change. Nick sawAlice as a nice person of her own. Not like the others see her.They see her as a fat whore. They don't see the good sides, butstop looking when they see her appearance. Nick on the other handsees Alice as a attractive girl, not in the sense of having sex.That is probably what Alice wanted from Steve. She wants somebodywho respects her. Ketchel is a illusion, but Nick is not. He isreal and could be a real memory. This way she could change andtherefor change her belief.In conclusion I see that Hemingway offers a solution toAlice. Nick Adams is the embodiment of Hemingway. If Alice wouldjoin a real Ketchel, such as Nick she would rehabilitate andbecome a happy human being. Then she could believe in somethingmore intelligent, such as the real Jesus figure. Since a boxer isnot the kind of person to take as a belief.

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