Helping Your Kids Become Good Cyber Citizens By Example A Discussion On The Prevention Of Software Piracy Through Leadership In The Home

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Helping Your Kids Become Good Cyber Citizens By ExampleImagine a parent, sitting in a car with his kid in front of a Tom Thumb convenience store and telling him, "Robbery is a bad thing. Robbery will get you in trouble, maybe even land you in jail."Then, having proclaimed this, that same parent removes a gun and ski mask from the glove compartment and sticks up the aforementioned store. No parent would ever do that, right? And if he did, he'd not be a very good parent, would he?Advancing a step toward reality, a question comes to mind. What does a parent, guardian or trusted adult's attitude on the subject of software piracy say to a kid? Is the message he receives a confusing one, such as, ...view middle of the document...

"The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that nine out of 10 school-age children, ages six to 17, had computer access in 2000, and all indicators are that Internet use is becoming synonymous with that access," said Laurie Head, who leads BSA's educational programs."Without even trying, kids can stumble across Web sites that offer pirated software. These are double trouble, not only because they're illegal but also because they're sometimes linked to porn and other even more disturbing material. Now more than ever, it's critical that parents and teachers educate kids about good cyber citizenship and proper software use."To steer kids clear of piracy and help them develop responsible online behaviors, BSA and Weekly Reader, an education company best known for its children's newspaper, have co-written a school curriculum for kids in grades three through eight. Teachers can use the free activity kit to lead classroom discussions about why creativity and copyright law matter, the dangers of unethical software use, how the $11 billion software piracy problem affects others, and why safe and legal software use is important. A companion Web site created for kids and adults,, will offer more information about software piracy and other cyber crimes.Consider these tips for talking to kids about piracy:* Use examples to which children can relate. Copyright law, intellectual property and software piracy can be difficult concepts for children. Use simple examples to help kids understand that piracy is stealing. For example, would the child approve if someone stole his or her art work?* Describe who gets hurt. Kids need to know that software piracy hurts many people. Honest companies lose millions of dollars each year when people don't pay for the software they use. What's more, stolen software can potentially infect the child's computer with a virus.* Discuss responsible Internet surfing. Make sure you know what types of Web sites the child views. Discuss...

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