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Helpdesk Engineer Essay

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Structuring Corporate Financial Policy:
Diagnosis of Problems and Evaluation of Strategies
This note is talking about finding a way to think about corporate financial policies. They depend in the first place on creativity and careful judgment. There are three good elements to achieve this goal and they are mentioned in the paper, they are: description, diagnosis and prescription. The first element is to define the financial policies of an organization. The second element is to design or create a good financial structure, after that to develop the suggested actual financial designs and structures to choose the best among them and look for opportunities to improve it. The last element is the ...view middle of the document...

The last element is the distribution, the last element takes cares for how the products or services are distributed, focusing on most of the firm or organization's securities.
After focusing on the elements for making a financial policy, comes the next part. This next step comes by asking whether the decisions taken or the policies based on the elements were the right ones. The first questions that comes is regarding whether this financial policy is creating value for the side of the shareholder's wealth, and minimizes the costs that can be paid from the firm's side. The other question is according the competitive advantage the chosen financial policy can achieve to the firm. The other questions is whether the financial policy sustains vision of the senior management, these tests according to this question provide a forthright experiment of this compact.
After that, comes the part of analyzing financial policy from the viewpoint of the investors. As from this point, the expectations of the investors can inspire all of the decisions related to the management. According to this theory, the firm can be healthy only if the satisfaction of the investors is full. The author pointed...

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