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Help Of The Isle Of Man And England To An Athletic Performer

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Help of The Isle of Man and England to an Athletic Performer

The Isle of Man is closely linked with England in development and
competitions of sport. To get to the top of a sport is never easy so I
am going to explain how the Isle of Man and England help a performer
in athletics to get from grass roots to elite.

For a performer to get to the top they will need help from the
governing body of their sport. The main governing bodies and agencies
are responsible for helping athletics to develop are:

* Sport England – The governing body of sport in England. They help
to raise standards within sports and help improve facilities.

* UK ...view middle of the document...

At current there is one major programme being run
nationally through out primary schools all over the country. The
programme is called the Tops programme and is co-ordinated by the
Youth Sport Trust, a governing body working for the development of
sport for children between the age of 3 and 14. The programmes are
delivered as a package including practical training to teachers and
resources and are designed to support the delivery of the national

On the Island at present the MSR have provided all primary schools
with only two of these programmes. The Top Play and the Top Sport.
These two programmes, yet very helpful in the development of the
children, don’t give a spread of equality. As on the Island there are
some disabled athletes who have represented the Island in athletics
but have had to learn these events at a later date, as there was
nothing for them during primary school. Luckily in athletics though
gender does not mater. The athletes may only compete against others of
the same gender but their events happen on the same days, there isn’t
a men’s Olympics and a women’s Olympics. This means that athletes can
train together equally.

As a result of the Tops programme during primary school children have
a better athletic ability. This ability can help them getting into
school teams and competing against other schools. Some of the early
events that a primary school child can begin their pathway are things
such as the school sports day, inter-school sports day and closely
linked with athletics school cross-country and inter school
cross-country. These events are all separate for different age groups
but if an individual is talented enough they can compete for the age
above, but not for age below.

Most Secondary Schools on the Island have excellent sports teachers
and are able to compete at fairly high standards when against other
schools on and off island. In athletics the schools select the
athletes who compete individually on sports day and for the school at
the inter-schools. Both these competitions are split up into age
groups as in primary schools. Following the inter-schools the best
athletes from the different schools around the island then have the
opportunity to compete at the Merseyside schools as the Isle of Man
schools team. The level of competition is at a higher level than that
on the island and therefore often the performer will improve their own
personal bests and even have the chance to go on to represent
Merseyside in the North West schools. An athlete who comes in the top
two in an event is selected to go to the North West schools under
Merseyside. This competition is at an even higher level than the
Merseyside schools and even greater competition. Similar to the
Merseyside schools, the top two athletes are then selected again this

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