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Results-oriented, detailed professional seeking to apply my education and experience. Proven ability to handle all aspects of student eligibility and recruitment. Extremely skilled in responding to student inquiries and determining backgrounds, goals and objectives. Hands on experience of creating and implementing treasure and project finance reporting, loan agreement and payment collection policies monitoring, monitoring and bank accounts analysis, calculation of net cash, cash balance reporting, scheduling of subordinated loans, associated to financial strength of, companies, maintain cash, debt, and interest schedules, maintain online access to all bank accounts keep track of associated, ...view middle of the document...

Supported internal and external related to banking related issues. Reviewed discrepancies of bank charges with banking institutions. Administered credit card programs - both receipts from customers and corporate purchasing cards. Managed petty cash accounts. Established daily reports for management. Created bank deposits and process credit card transactions maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. Analyzed and carried out check and electronic payments. Analyzed and presented remediation of payment exceptions. Created charts, reports and summaries of key economic and financial results. Ensured debt payments are carried out on time. Recognized exceptions and applied remediation solutions

Business Office Manager, 09/2012 to 11/2013
Strayer University – Akron, OH

Analyzed monthly balance sheet accounts for corporate reporting. Generated financial statements and facilitated account closing procedures each month. Trained [6] new employees on accounting principles and company procedures. Conduct Financial Aid Interviews. Assumed roles of the campus director and trainer. Analyzed Financial Aid Reports, including Refunding Report, Student Requirement Report and Temp. Report Customer Service, Developed efficiency-enhancing workflow/process improvements that made it possible to accommodate increasing responsibilities necessitated by staff reductions. Analyzed prospective students' applications for eligibility Interviewed students to understand their individualized goals and backgrounds, provided assistance with recruitment activities and admission publications. Assisted students with completing enrollment documents Arranged orientation programs and educational workshops profound knowledge of department of education regulations, Micro soft office, Collection and Billing. Recruiting potential new students
Handled admission appointments

Auto loan account specialist, 12/2011 to 09/2012
Huntington National Bank – Parma Heights, OH
Develop and manage collections and credit programs Supplied necessary industry and market research to
target new businesses.
Identified operational processes inefficiencies and recommended necessary improvements.
Prepared weekly reports on work accomplished within Claims Department.

Reviewed work performance of staff and took corrective action where appropriate.
Provided telephone support.
Locate problems faced by customers and helping them with solutions.
Assisted Accounting Staff when required.
Handled reviewing and approving responsibilities on refund payments to the customer accounts.
Reviewed and analyzed claim files submitted to the guarantors and resolved all issues as they occurred.
Researched and adjusted borrower interest accruals and posted government billing tickets.
Repurchased defaulted accounts that had been discharged with Chapter 13...

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