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Heim Book Report

1085 words - 5 pages

Heim Book Report

Part 1
Chapter 3 Power Plays (Pg. 50-51)
1. How would you feel?
I feel very disappointed because boss is supposed to be a great leader to help me to lead a better direction. I become to realized the terms with the fact that my boss will never be the leader he appeared to be during the interview, my boss should teach or show me what leadership is all about and how to become a great leader. Instead he is using me to do all of his pointless work that won’t lead me anywhere good.
2. How would you act?
I would act like it does not really bothers me in front of his friends or my co-workers, because I want to act mature about it and make sure I am calm and collected ...view middle of the document...

Having a bad boss in investing my energy and my life in the right place? I would say yes, because my reaction learns how to be a better leader.
5. How might you respond otherwise?
I might respond by being respectful as much as I can, because maybe my boss dose not realize what he is doing is not the correct way to handle his employees. I make sure I am respectfully and directly communicate him one on one to express my concerns and keep it brief to not get overboard. I will wait patiently for him to respond, to listen carefully, and open as objectively as I can. If the conversation is open and congenial, then I go with it. If it heats up, then I backed down. I know bad references can hurt and they never go away. That might be my respond otherwise.
Chapter 5 Deflecting a Surprise Attack (Pg. 111)
1.What was your reaction? “I didn’t deserve that.” ”Why is he attacking me?” “I thought he was my friend.” Write down your honest thoughts.
My reaction at first will be priceless, because I didn’t expect him to attack me and then I will take it personally. It is like etched in my memory that I will never forget, because I thought he respect me enough to talk about it one on one and discuss what have been bothers him and tell me his ideas. Instead he attacks me in front of people and that embarrassed me. My other reaction I can say that I expect him to handle it more professionally and I become very disappointed in him to act like that since I thought we respect each other equally. I would just wish he pulled me aside and talk to me what is going on his mind, and I would have respond him very nicely and try to change something that could help the business in a healthier and better place.
2. What alternative self-talk could you use in that situation? “He doesn’t...

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