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Hefty Hardware Case Study

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Hefty Hardware Case Study
Issues in Case Study
• IT department employers have lack of knowledge what is going on in business section of the company. Cheryl O’Shea, VP of retail marketing, said that IT staff always talks in a way that is not understandable to her, mostly in technical words. She assumes that they do not know what to do with Savvy Store program. She needs IT’s help to improve the customer experience. However, IT workers continue talking about the technology staff and issues which are not related to business.
• IT staff is not familiar with basic business functions of business department. Glen Vogel, the COO, complains whether they are getting value for investing millions to ...view middle of the document...

But, Farzad did not want to go to investigation.
• IT department do not take business functions seriously. The CIO Farzad wanted IT account manager Jenny Henderson and new intern Joyce Li, who has not even been hired yet, to go to a serious mission instead of going himself along with IT architects.
• There is gap between the R&D and Marketing team with understanding each other. The Marketing IT Relationship Mnanager, Paul Gutierez wanted Cheryl’s group to consider experimenting with cell phone promotions using new Japanese bar coding system. He set up a demonstration of the technology. R&D people were supposed to explain what it might do. Unfortunately, IT guys kept talking about 3G and 4G technology and kinds of connectivity and how to display and architect everything which are not related to the main topic.
• CIM project failed. A single customer database should have been produced for all the hefty units like the sporting goods, clothing, hardware and credit. As a result of this project a lot of ROI was anticipated. Nonetheless, the project has been destroyed due to misconception between the client divisions.

The communication between the IT and the business is not quite effective. Technology is essential on the overall strategic direction and implementation of business initiatives. Nevertheless, IT is not very collaborative with business units. Usually IT leaders do not attend in meeting with other business managers. The main goal to have IT executives’ work along with senior management is to generate an environment of communication that permits both parties to get to know each others’ work. This kind of actions assure that technology initiatives will affect to strategic business decisions. Therefore, the role of technology becomes important in executing business decisions. So that...

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