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Heaven Or Hell Essay

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Heaven or Hell is a short story based on a true historical event. The story highlights the inward, the invisible and the intangible power struggles of mankind. The stark descriptions of the reality and horror of war are frightening and shocking to the reader, aimed to affect emotionally and cause them to consider. The story is structured to make the reader visualize pain and death in war – Hell, when everything appears lost and hopeless, and Heaven - heroic and victorious, when the obstacles are overcome and the “Draconic Empire” defeated.
The story has a formal register to deliver suspense and the factual horrors of war. This has been achieved in a number of different ways, firstly, the ...view middle of the document...

The exclamative, “Juuuummmmpp! yelled Jack”, creates a sense of urgency and develops a tense moment for the reader who becomes hypnotised and gripped to read further. I have also created fear and panic with phonology in the form of alliteration with the simple sentence, “A ghoulish, green glow of flares fitfully broke the darkness”. Men like to hide in darkness where the enemy cannot see your actions but the illuminating flare uncovers the attacking predators leaving them in the bare and empty to the defensive gunfire. The reader will be anxious and desperate to see the men safely covered again, thus this simple sentence creates tension for the target audience.
The purpose of this story is to entertain. There are a number of ways used to display this. Semantics have been used in the connotation “the black river, twisted like a coiling scorpion”, in the form of personification. The use of the simple adjective ‘black’ creates fear and an evil atmosphere. This entertains the reader who can imagine the devilish river desperately wanting to captivate a last victim before they escape. This causes the reader to use their senses and this develops realism and excitement. The semantic field of heaven and hell, with the post-modifying adjectives, “Pure, white and translucent”, and the place adverbial phrase “Inky depths of darkness below” create entertainment. The semantics develop an effective atmosphere that conveys the fine line between life and death, heaven or hell, and this begins to illustrate to the reader the drastic war image. Short minor sentence structures are used to convey an unstoppable, unswerving offensive, “Sustained. Systolic. Systematic”, which is effective as it increases the tempo of the story, creating movement quickly. The alliteration portrayed...

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