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Heat Is An Effective Customer Service Technique

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HEAT is an effective customer service technique that you can use to calm down your customers.

Note: Heat (developed by John Hartley) is taught in most of the customer care courses including NVQ customer care.

The Four keywords of HEAT:

1. Hear

2. Empathize

3. Apologize

4. Take Ownership

Hear – Show your customers that you are listening to them actively. Don’t ...view middle of the document...

Empathize – After expressing his/her feelings, the customer want to make sure that you understand his/her problem. So, you should acknowledge what the customer tells you. Let your customer know that you understand how they feel and why he/she is so upset.

Apologize – Customers will expect that you feel sorry for what has happened to him/her. So, after empathizing with him/her, you need to apologize for the inconvenience. Do not apologize too much. Use the next step.

Take Ownership – It is possible to solve your customers’ problem on the spot, then do so. If you cannot do it straight away, let them know the action you are going to take- such as informing your manager or referring to the experts for immediate action. Give your customer a deadline by which you will call him/her back to let him/her know the updates.

Try to put yourself in the customers’ shoes, and observe how a customer care representatives should talk to you when you feel dissatisfied with service. If your customer’s anger goes beyond your control, try to get help from your immediate supervisor.

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