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Heart Of Darkenss Vs Apocalypse Now

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>From the Congo river in Africa to the Nung River in Vietnam, Joseph Conrad's ideals are accurately demonstrated through the movie Apocalypse Now, directed by Francis Coppola. Although both compositions have completely different settings and were written at different time periods, Coppola does not lose the ideas of good and evil, whiteness and darkness, racism, and irony that Conrad interprets in his book. Both stories reveal man's heart of darkness, in other words, their journey into their interior self, and confrontments with their fears and failures, insanity, and death. By profoundly analyzing specific scenes of Coppola's movie and assimilating it to passages of "Heart of ...view middle of the document...

Martin Sheen's portrayal of Willard is very realistic and touching because he sets forth the characters lack of control and compassion of a man who has had his intelligence intact but its soul gone crazy.

Similarly, inside every human soul, there is an evil side that remains simmered by society. This evil side tends to break out during times of isolation from our culture which is exactly what has happened to Willard and Marlow in the novel. The movie depicts the fragility of the mind and the endurance of the soul's tolerance towards not being corrupted by the chaotic and isolated world. He has been set apart from other and alone in his hotel room, his fear of contamination and loss of self, that would lead us to discover more about our true selves, has caused madness and anger in his soul. In the book, Marlow is isolated among the people aboard the yawl as the slow, monotonous and depressing journey reaches its destination. While sailing he watches the filthy farce of imperialism and he sees the picture of death and destruction caused by white man's greed for ivory and money.

However, in order to hide this infuriated feeling he drinks. Alcohol has always had this illusionary hope that will help fade our problems away, but when Willard sees that his fears are not being drained away by the drug and consequently have no affect on him, he goes insane and discovers the other side of him which he was so afraid of. Madness consumes his body. He punches the mirror and his hand starts bleeding. He falls helplessly with his naked body on the floor. The naked body is a symbol of truth and reality since...

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