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Heart Disease Essay

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is the one of the best – and most enjoyable – ways of lowering the chances of developing heart disease. Regular exercise helps the heart to become stronger, so it can pump more blood around the body with less effort.
Smoking avoidance not only reduces the risk of developing heart disease, but also the risk of many other serious illnesses, like cancer and emphysema.
High blood pressure increases the chances of developing heart disease. There are usually no signs or symptoms of high blood pressure, so one may not be aware of having it. Therefore this needs to be checked with the doctor regularly.

Alcohol avoidance is another preventive step to prevent heart diseases. People who drink ...view middle of the document...

Atherosclerosis is a progressive disease and can develop in any artery in the body. It is a common disorder of the arteries
5. RHEUMATIC, this was formerly one of the most serious forms of heart disease of childhood and adolescence. This disease involves damage to the entire heart and its membranes. It is a complication of rheumatic fever and usually occurs after attacks of rheumatic fever. The incidence of this condition has been greatly reduced by widespread use of antibiotics effective against the streptococcal bacterium that causes rheumatic fever.
6. MYOCARDITIS, it's the inflammation or degeneration of the heart muscle. This can be due to a complication during or after various viral, bacterial, or parasitic infectious diseases, such as polio, influenza, rubella, or rheumatic fever. This can be caused by several diseases such as syphilis, goiter, endocarditis, or hypertension. It may be associated with dilation (enlargement due to weakness of the heart muscle) or with hypertrophy (overgrowth of the muscle tissue).

Heart Disease Alternative Therapy
Summary: The aim of this paper is the discussion on Heart Disease Alternative Therapy.
The various Alternative Therapies available to prevent/cure heart diseases are as follows:
Acupuncture : This is Chinese Therapy, it offers valuable therapeutic benefits for stroke patients. The patients are evaluated by three measurement systems: the Motor Assessment Scale for stroke patients, Sunnaas Index of ADL and Nottingham Health Profile. The patients opting for acupuncture record a significantly improved quality of life as...

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