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Healthy People 2020 Essay

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#1 Access to Health Care: Improving overall health status
Equality in Access to health services is one of the forty two topic areas in Healthy People 2020 that caught my view as one of the objectives to have the highest importance in achieving a national goal of healthy Americans in the future. But what does access to health care actually means? According Gulliford et al (2002), facilitating access to health is concerned with helping people to command appropriate health care resources in order to preserve or improve their health status but unfortunately gaining access to healthcare depends on some factors such as financial, organizational and social or cultural barriers that permits or ...view middle of the document...

Total equality of access to healthcare may incur a long way of processes but the government should start eventually to come up big in realizing the vision of healthy people 2020. Government funding should focus first on having affordable health insurances that even the poorest of Americans will be able to avail. This may seem impossible for it may have an impression of wasting money and giving away insurance even a person cannot avail but with proper planning this step will actually decrease total national health expenditures for no one will actually be left behind in terms of being healthy and accessing healthcare.

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#2 The Determinants of Health: factors that affect population health
The differences of health status in population is greatly affected by many factors such as personal, social and environmental factors that are deemed to be determinants of health for these factors that influences the health conditions of individuals or group of people in a given population (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2012). Of all the determinants of health, social factors play the most important role in influencing the health status of a population. In a personal point of view, comparing social against environmental factors, even though people in a population lives in a community that pose potential health dangers, the adaptability of man makes a person adjust to such hazards. On the other hand social determinants of health includes the availability of resources to meet daily needs, such as educational and job opportunities, living wages, or healthful foods—basically the way a person lives, which I think is the most important factor nowadays for a person to be able to avail health services. It also seems nowadays that living healthy to prevent diseases depends on the socio economic status of a person such as availing healthy foods and medicines. In the field of nursing, it cannot be denied that most people nurses encounter availing of health care are the ones belonging to average and above socio economic status if not having medical insurances. Having the resources to avail healthcare is a great factor in being healthy. Taking for example in Texas, wherein health insurance coverage is very low due to inability to avail of such health insurances secondary to low socioeconomic status of most Texans. As a result 2,500 Uninsured Texans die every year reflecting a poor state health...

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