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Healthy Lifestyles Essay

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A. Introduction
I. Balance is an essential part of a healthy life style. No matter how beneficial or harm something is for the health of an individual, it should never be incorporated to an excess. As a student of public health, one goals to educate the public about the best ways to live a healthy life style. Prevention is key and the way to prevention is balancing the healthy choices and decreasing the unhealthy choices. The most important unhealthy habits that the population is experiencing today are physical inactivity, poor diets and the use of drugs and alcohol.
B. Background
I. Physical Inactivity: This problem did not begin and cannot necessarily end. It has to do with humans as a society. From the beginning of time this problem existed. However, the reason for this problem being a much larger issue at this point is all around us. In the earlier part of human existence, many of the daily tasks that we do were much more difficult than they are now. For ...view middle of the document...

Their researched goaled to see whether the implementation of activity in inactive individual’s lives would bring forth a positive change when it came to disease prevention and life expectancy. They found that physical inactivity affects the health of many throughout the world and the increase in physical activity could enhance health significantly.
II. Another aspect of today’s society that has changed drastically is the consumption of organic food. Back in the good ole days, a freshly home-cooked meal would be provided at home and everyone sat together and ate. Now, due to the changes of social norms, many individuals choose to eat out. Thus, the number one places to get food in a quick and easy manner are fast food restaurants. However, these establishments are not concerned with feeding America with healthy meals but rather making food easy and fast so they can make a profit. In the research article, “Relationship Between Healthy Diet and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Among Patients on Drug Therapies for Secondary Prevention” by MahshinDehghan, PhD and colleages, they discussed the relationship between an unhealthy diet and cardiovascular disease. They found that when given a diet that is higher in quality reduces the reoccurance of cardiovascular disease events among individuals 55 and greater years of age that already have Cardiovascular disease or diabetes. They concluded with advocating health professionals to educate more of the importance of healthy lifestyles highlighting healthy eating in order to substantially decrease cardiovascular disease reoccurring and promoting a healthier tomorrow.
C. Conclusion
I. Healthy life styles are a crucial piece in promoting a healthy self. Balancing healthy lifestyles is key when trying to obtain a well-rounded healthy body. Having a good diet but not exercising is harmful. Exercising daily but eating the wrong foods is harmful as well. Educating oneself to improve on well-rounded health choices can prevent many chronic diseases and allow for a long and strong life.

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