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Healthy Life Skills Essay

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Chapter 3 Review Questions
1. What aspects of a person’s life are included in mental health?: They have high self esteem and feel good about themselves, they are realistic and accept imperfections in themselves and others, they are altruistic; they help others, they have a sense of control over their lives and feel capable of meeting challenges and solving problems, they demonstrate social competence in their relationships with other people and they believe that they can rely on them, they are not overwhelmed by fear, love, or anger; they try to control irrational thoughts and levels of stress. They are optimistic; they maintain a positive outlook, they have a capacity for intimacy; they ...view middle of the document...

(2) Self-efficacy: a general sense that you have some control over what happens in your life. Having self-efficacy would be very helpful for mental health because someone who has some kind of control over things that are happening would cling to their values and morals in decision making and be able to make decisions based on those morals and values. (3) Resilience: ability to bounce back from adverse events. This trait would be very important in mental health because there will be times in life that we go through trials and face things that will get us down, but we have to be able to bounce back in order to continue with life.
4. What are the levels of needs identified in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Self-Actualization, Self-Esteem, Love and Belongingness, safety and security, physiological needs.
5. Explain what is meant by emotional intelligence and why it contributes to healthy psychological adjustment: the kind of intelligence that includes an understanding of emotional experience, self-awareness, and sensitivity to others. Individuals who are emotionally intelligent are able to recognize, name, and understand their emotions, manage their emotions and control their moods, motivate themselves, recognize and respond to emotions to others, be socially competent.
6. What are three broad ways to protect and enhance your mental health?
7. What is a neurotransmitter? What four neurotransmitters have been implicated in mental disorders? Neurotransmitter: brain chemicals that conduct signals from one brain cell to the next. Norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, and gamma aminobutyric acid.
8. What are two implications of the finding that the brain continues to develop into early adulthood?
9. What is the diathesis-stress model? What are protective factors and risk factors? Diathesis-stress model is a psychological theory that attempts to explain behavior as predisposition vulnerability together with stress from life experiences. Protective factors can provide a buffer against the effects of major stressors by providing individuals with developmentally adaptive outlets to deal with stress.
10. Name some protective factors and some risk factors at the level of the individual, the family, and the sociocultural environment.
11. What are the eight conflicts or crises in Erikson’s model of psychosocial development? (1) 0-2 years old Trust vs Mistrust. (2) 2-4 years autonomy vs shame and doubt (3) 4-5 years initiative vs guilt (4) 5-12: industry vs. inferiority (5) 13-19: identity vs. role confusion (6) 20-24: Intimacy vs. isolation (7) 25-64: generatively vs. stagnation (8) 65- death: ego integrity vs. despair
12. What is the definition of a mental disorder? Pattern of behavior that is associated with distress or disability in an important area of functioning, or with increased risk of death, suffering, disability, or loss of freedom.
13. Why is it important to recognize mental disorders? Far too often individuals...

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