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Healthy Eating Comparison Essay

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A humbling experience

I have to say how revealing this class was for me. One of the main reasons I tool this class was to learn more about nutrition and how our bodies use nutrients for our overall god health. I quickly learned how my own diet was affected. I have always considered myself a healthy person; I monitor what I eat and exercise daily. By doing so I really did not think my diet would need much changing. Once I started doing the different comparisons, I quickly learned that my body needed additional nutrients that I was not giving it. The quick analysis assignments made me go down a better path. Even one better that what I was on. I was able to make certain adjustments ...view middle of the document...

This nearly cut my calorie intake in half. I soon realized that change needed to come outside my home as well. Once I say the amount of fat and calorie intake I was getting from the fast food restaurants, I began making selection changes. I still have the occasional burger, but I make sure to include lettuce and tomato, and tell myself I can be full with a single instead of a double. One of the things I lacked in my diet was fruit. The comparisons showed I got adequate amounts of other nutrients but I desperately needed more fruit intake. As part of my breakfast, include a piece of fruit. Often times I will slice a banana into my cereal. I have also begun substituting fruit for the midnight snack.

Time for some changes

One of the first changes I saw in my diet was a decrease in fat and an increase in nutrients. Calories and cholesterol lowered while vitamins and minerals increased. With all the resources I got from this class, I have developed what I feel will be a very successful eating plan that will promote good health for years. My diet now includes three daily meals. With each meal, I am experiencing food that I am not used to, but at the same time I am reaping the benefits. Each meal includes the proper servings that add up to my recommended amounts. My protein levels have evened out as my calorie level decreased. I also saw an increase in carbohydrates and a decrease in sugar. I began to make small adjustments in my diet from shopping trips as well. When buying the foods, I used to buy a lot of processed food and get my vegetables out of a can. Now I do a lot of shopping in the fresh produce section and only by the freshest fruits and vegetables. I had thought that I was really eating enough vegetables each day, but after learning the recommendations where five servings a day, I increased my intake. By making these small changes, I finally feel that I am getting the necessary vitamins and minerals in my daily routine. As I decreased the fast foods and processed foods, sodium and cholesterol levels where lowered as well. The greatest benefit from all of this was...

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