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A healthy community is a place where people can thrive both physically and socially, reaching their full potential. In these communities health promotion is adopted, and every member works at maintaining a healthy lifestyle free from injury, illness, and disease. These communities improve the quality of life of their inhabitants by providing its members with healthy, available, accessible, and affordable options. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). These communities invest “in proven prevention programs and ...view middle of the document...

” (, 2010). These communities are continuously evolving to meet the needs of their inhabitants and provide the healthiest lifestyle possible. They provide a healthy environment including; clean air, proper sanitation, clean water, land maintained, education, and health promotion.
There are many different views on what the ideal healthy community is and how to obtain it. If I was providing care to a community that did not match my idea of a healthy community, I would voice my views and rationales behind them. I would also listen to the views of the members of the community, their outlook might be something I had not thought about or something I do not fully understand. Together we can come up with a solution which is best for the entire community and promotes the healthiest environment.

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