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Healthcare System In Us Essay

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Running Head: Healthcare System

Healthcare System in US
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Healthcare System in US

United States is the largest and most diverse society on the globe. It spends almost 2 trillion dollars every year on health care, which is one in every seven dollars in the economy. U.S is one of the very few nations where all its citizens do not have medical coverage. Although it spends heavily on per capita on health care, and it has the most advanced medical technology system in the world, still it is not the healthiest nation on earth. The system performs so poorly that it leaves 50 million without health coverage and millions more ...view middle of the document...

It has nurses, therapists, physicians and best doctors in their team in the clinical care of almost any discipline from the allocations of medicine, whether main or subsidiary. They have the latest clinical techniques developed and available today. In addition, all the doctors they have are also positioned as the academic professors in the Faculty of in various colleges and universities. There have been many advances in the technology that has helped the healthcare professional to provide the best care to the patients. These advances have greatly helped the quality of care in the service of health, and in the future will reflect large monetary economies (Cutler, 2008).

Eligibility Criteria
Since the Medicare bill was applicable to all citizens, there had to be eligibility criteria through which people would receive medical insurance. The criteria for insurance require people to be of 65 years of age and a resident of the United States for 5 years to qualify for Medicare. Medicare also requires the person’s spouse to pay medical taxes for a minimum of 10 years. Another condition for people under the age of 65 that are disabled should receive Social Security of retirement benefits. Individuals that need kidney transplant or require dialysis for the final level renal disease (Sultz & Young, 2010).
In addition, individuals that do not receive benefits for 2 years would have to wait another 24 months to become eligible for Medicare benefits. In such cases, if the person is suffering from one of the listed diseases, he or she becomes eligible for Medicaid. There are some individuals that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid at the same. This holds true in a few states where individuals earning less than a certain amount. In this case, Medicaid pays the premium for Part B and drugs of the person. In 2008, the number of people depending on the insurance plan was 45 million. Experts believe the number could rise to as many as 78 million by the year 2030 (Jonas et al, 2007).

System Funding and Crisis
About 38 million people--some 33 million of them elderly and five million of them disabled--rely on Medicare, the federal government's health-insurance plan, for their health-care needs. But Medicare now faces a serious funding crisis. The program's outlays--what it spends on health care for its beneficiaries--are on the brink of surpassing its revenues. Unless it is fundamentally restructured, the program will no longer exist when most of today's high-school students reach retirement age in the year 2050. In fact, budget analysts predicted in 1996 that if nothing is done, the program will go bankrupt much sooner: just three years from now, in 2001.
That is when Medicare's primary source of funding, the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, is expected to run out, according to the fund's trustees. In 1997, the fund had a surplus of more than $100 billion. But it is expected to dwindle to...

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