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Healthcare Spending Essay

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Health Care Spending

Does one know about health care spending and heath care expenditure in the United States? Health Care spending in the United States comes from several sources such as physician service, patient treatment, prescription drug treatment, administration cost, Medicare, Medicaid and hospital spending, These sources are just a very few of the sources of spending on healthcare in the United States. On March 23, 2010 President Obama passed the healthcare reform bill to help citizens with receiving affordable healthcare. Even though health care spending has improved over the years, health care is something that everyone needs and there is a possibility that this could ...view middle of the document...

In total, 19% of prescription drugs effect the entire healthcare spending. With the help of the Obama reform, Medicaid and Medical both have been very successful which is an advantage for those who have no insurance but could possibly be a disadvantage for the manage care system.
Although healthcare is very much needed in the United States and there is absolutely no way around it, the amount of money spent on healthcare is never too much only because it is regards to one’s health but the increases for Medical expenses is what becomes overwhelming. According to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (2008), health care spending in the United States will grow at a rate of 6.7 per year from 2007 to 2017 and the economic growth is expected to slow to an average rate of 4.7 percent. It becomes a problem when people who have issues with health have to add stress to the health issues that are already occurring. In addition having to worry about whether or not healthcare will be affordable can cause complications as well. Instead of increasing the about spent on healthcare, suggestions of cutting certain services or reducing services in one area to provide services in other areas that are not necessary ,medical errors, unnecessary test, and fraud may assist with making healthcare more affordable in the years to come.
The United States has wasted over 7 billion dollars in healthcare because of reasons such as medical errors, unnecessary test, and fraudulent activities. Some suggestions on how the nation can reduce the amount of money being spent on healthcare is reducing the amount of money spent on weight loss surgery for those who do not medically need it, restricting cosmetic surgeries. America is becoming a country where people feel that they have to look a certain way to fit in. Although they are healthy, people are using health care insurance to pay for procedures that are not life or death situations. By adding additional restrictions to these cosmetic surgeries this could help save the economy money and the money being spent for this treatment can be used in other areas needed for the public healthcare.
The public healthcare needs are paid for through Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance Companies....

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