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Healthcare Provider And Faith Diverisity Essay

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Breanna Watson
Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
HLT-310V Spirituality In Healthcare
June 27, 2012

As healthcare providers we are going to always encounter patients of different cultures, beliefs, and religions. Because of the diversity we face, we are also going to also have to learn to at times push our beliefs aside to be able to support and help care for our clients with unbiased opinions. Being that there are so many different religions, philosophies, etc knowing some background on them will help us better understand their needs.
Buddhism (founded in Northern India) is one religion little known about, but widely practiced. It currently has about 376 million followers. ...view middle of the document...

Their spiritual perspective on healing involves recognizing and accepting of a God who is beyond their intelligence. With this God they must also be able to have a relationship. They believe that when energy is transmitted to a person who needs it they receive spiritual healing. This treatment is believed to work on the mind, body, and spirit. These three component s are one unit that must be harmonized for good health. At times a separate healer is involved, and a Higher Source will be channeled through the separate healer whose hand will be placed on the ill. This type of healing heals mental and emotional problems and physical conditions. They also receive healing through prayers and music. Hymn-poems are interpreted with rich instrumentation and vocals that Sikh gurus who wrote them. The sacred music is called Gurubani Kirtan. Kirtan is call and response singing so that the practitioners both hear and recite these sounds as purpose for up-liftment. A critical component in this religion is prayer. These prayers are to be repeated multiple times each day. They do not worship idols, images, or icons. They believe in reincarnation and their main goal is to build a close, loving relationship with God.
Yoruba is a religion practiced by the people located in Benin and Nigeria. It is believed to be the largest African born religion in the world. They believe that all humans have a manifest destiny to become one with divine creator. This creator is known as Olodumare. They see life and death as cycles in the physical and spiritual realms. They also believe our destinies are determined through our thoughts and actions in the physical world. Most healing is herbal. However there are groups of women in religious spheres who practice healing the sick. These women use the herbs to do healing. They believe these herbs posses life, names, taboo, and praise poems. These women in the spheres posses a special kind of knowledge to approach, annex, and utilize these special herbs. They use meditation for healing as well. Some forms of prayer for most of these previously stated religions are believed to hold some importance in a sick being healing process.
In comparison to Christianity there are some similarities here. Though Christianity has different branches such as Baptist, Pentecostal, Jehovah’s Witness, Catholic etc, we all believe in the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus died on the cross to cure us forever of our sins. Our destiny predetermined, however not the bad. God planned all the good that would happen in our life. The devil however holds temptation, and bad worldly...

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