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Healthcare Innovative Strategies: Changing Outcomes for Lewis Blackman
The “Lewis Blackman Story” told by Helen Haskell, a person who continues to advocate for change and improved quality of care. Lewis Blackman the son of Helen Haskell died at age fifteen after developing complications after surgery that included incorrect administration of a medication and a nursing team who failed to see the changes in patient’s condition and effectively and sufficiently respond to the change in a timely manner ultimately resulting in failure to rescue and the patient’s death. More specifically, the staff failed to recognize the signs of shock that this patient. Likewise, no rescue plan was in place. ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, improvement in time and efficiency as more than 30 clinical hours passed before someone recognized the patient’s symptoms and realized the patient was getting inadequate IV fluids before it was changed by a seasoned nurse, however, it was too late. Thirdly, high quality leadership may have prevented this outcome.
Likewise, leadership at all levels including executive, middle, and front-line [direct care staff] is needed to achieve effective results and outcomes for patients. In the Lewis Blackman case, if more ‘seasoned’ staff would have been involved in the care of this patient earlier, it is likely that a different outcome would have resulted. This is merely and example of why having more Bachelorette in Nursing (BSN) educated nurses working as direct care staff could prevent such adverse incidents from occurring and help to save lives and improve the overall quality of care at the bedside across the continuum of care settings. This is such a significant portion of improving the health and wellness and quality of care to patients that the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has made recommendations to improve the number of BSN educated nurses. This is directly related to improving the critical thinking skills of nurses and as a result different outcomes for patients. As care of the sick increases, and the acuity level rises with increased frailty of patients with complicated diseases, nurses have to make critical decisions more often than ever before (The Future of Nursing, 2010).
The Triple Aim
The Triple Aim as it relates to health care is about improving the quality of care, reducing costs and improving outcomes for patients in the care of health professionals. It is the goal to provide a higher quality of care and improving the patient experience achieving overall improved health for the United States population and decrease healthcare related costs (Berwick, Nolan, & Whittington, 2008). Patient centered care addresses the Triple Aim by making it a priority to provide better care, better health and lower costs. Studies have shown when patient centered care is provided; patients and families are more informed and educated to make realistic decisions about their health and wellbeing.
Likewise, it also provides for a better patient experience when the patient is involved in the decision making of health care choices and the health care professionals, both, nurses and physicians listen to their patients and families and address concerns that arise. At the end of the day, this will reduce costs, unnecessary procedures, diagnostics, extended acute care stays and needless medical errors. In the case of Lewis Blackman, the Triple Aim would have been addressed if the team had involved the patient and mother in the plan of care. She spoke about the nurses not listening to her concerns. Had they listened to the mother’s concerns, the amount of hours before something was done to address the concerns and recognizing that the patient’s...

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