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Healthcare In The United States Essay

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In the United States today, at any given time, there are more than forty-one million people who are without health insurance. The United States Government actuaries states that the healthcare spending in the U.S. will double by 2015-to-more than 12,300 per person and account for 20 percent of the nations GDP. U.S. healthcare costs have made health insurance too expensive for many employers to offer health insurance. Health coverage alone is taking away more than a quarter of worker’s earnings. Fewer employers are offering health insurance in America. Under President Obama, the current administration firmly believes that comprehensive reform should reduce long-term growth of health ...view middle of the document...

The Canadian government provides health insurance for all citizens in a single national plan paid for by tax increases. A single payer plan would expand programs such as Medicare to everyone. According to the Canadians, this plan saves in administrative costs and direct control over prices to be paid for hospital and physician services and drugs. Public health insurance remains Canada’s most popular social program. Most Canadians prefer their health care system to the U.S. model. Universal health care shows that health care can be funded from the public purse without eliminating choice and without bankrupting the government. The Canadian doctors and patients have more choice about whom to see and about what medical procedures to follow than the more privately funded and profit-oriented system in the U.S. However, Canada covers the whole population and the United States covers only the elderly, very poor, military and some disabled. Canadians have a one-tier system while the U.S. does not. The rich and the poor in Canada go to the same hospitals and doctors. Neither receives a bill and the rich cannot buy quicker access, better facilities or preferential treatment. What is covered by the public insurance system cannot be covered by a private insurer and doctors are not allowed to bill above the prescribed rate for services covered by the public insurance. Canada has been providing this comprehensive and high-quality care for more than a quarter century without billing individuals for services or relating care to financial status. Canada has provided care more efficiently and effectively than the United States. Some have fought for the universal coverage through employer based insurance for most workers combined with government subsidies to pay the insurance cost for people living below the poverty line and to assist others in purchasing insurance. Some employer based proposals offer employers a “pay or play” alternative; either offer government approved insurance plans to their employees where the employer will pay 80 percent or more of costs or pay a payroll tax that would be used to fund health insurance for its employees outside of the employer based plans.
There are those that believe the American health care system is fine and nothing needs to be done. These conservatives believe in the open access health plan. Open access plans do not guarantee universal coverage but rather guarantee insurance to anyone who wishes to purchase it. With this plan, no one would be forced to buy insurance and employers would not be forced to provide it for its employees. Medicaid coverage may be offered at reduced rates to minimum wage employees not covered by an insurance plan. Insurance costs for basic coverage for basic coverage for the employee and the employer may be tax deductible. The adoption of uniform reimbursement forms and reforming medical malpractice suits and limiting the damages for pain and suffering may lower...

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