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Healthcare In The Field Essay

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Elissa Siekmann
HLT 305

You are presented with a 52-year-old female patient. She is experiencing acute discomfort from gall stone symptoms for the fourth time in 8 years. The condition has responded to nonsurgical treatment in the past, but each subsequent time is a slower and more painful recovery. She is underinsured, and the cost of a surgery would be beyond her means without some sort of write-off or assistance. However, her family makes too much to qualify for Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).
Examine this case, using each of the following principles in turn as a possible guide to your actions:

1. The principle of utility: Bring about ...view middle of the document...

3. The principle of need: Those with greatest need get the greatest share.
The principle of need means that the people will the greatest need will receive the greatest share (Paola, Walker & Nixon, 2010). Therefore, using this principle and assessing this patient, I believe that she will receive the standard treatment for gallstones until she is faced with a life-threatening condition, then her need for surgery would increase. If another patient arose with a more serious condition their need would be higher then this patient.

4. The principle of contribution: Everyone receives in proportion to what they put in.
The principle of contribution is seen as everyone receives to what they put in. Since the patient does pay for some health insurance and probably pays taxes on the money she makes, I feel that her case should be considered and maybe a payment plan set up to help her and her family pay for the cost of the surgery.

5. The principle of effort: Those who work hardest get the most

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