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Time has proven that people have always found the means to communicate. Through the advancement of technology and numerous improvements, new communication channels and methods have emerged and made it easier for people to deliver a message in timely and more effective method. The verbal method is one of the most traditional forms of communicating a message. Some advantages to verbal communication are having the ability to be more interactive. One can add the factor of emotion to add to the conversation. “Speech communication is interactive. Partners involved in a spoken conversation indeed build a complex communicative act together which involves linguistic, emotional, ...view middle of the document...

” (Pratiwi, 2014) In today’s world, newer communication methods have made people less likely to meet face to face. People are now able to conduct most of their desired tasks online without ever speaking with an actual person. Take for example the website Through this website, people are able to find providers based on the specialty, diagnoses or symptoms. The website then filter providers based on your area and also of if they are covered by your insurance. The difference between electronic communication the more traditional verbal method would be the human interaction between people. According to USA today, “2010 was the year we stopped talking to one another." Electronic communication is changing the healthcare industry and because of it is affecting the way patient care is handled.

For many, receiving news regarding a sudden move or change can be difficult and for the elderly even more. For the elder, having a sense of trust, security and dependability is crucial especially at their time and age. It can be hard to establishing confidence in a company or place. This may hard be because people sometimes do not allow someone outside his or her family circle to earn the confidence. Having a sense of security and dependability is important because it may be harder for some who may have a medical condition or limitation that hinders them to fend for themselves.

While working as an administrator at a nursing home, it may be a real challenge informing everyone about a sudden change in our business. Introducing a new group or provider will be a significant change in the patient's life. It may raise many uncertainties and questions as to why the change. To better prepare myself, once informed of the change, I would begin developing a plan on how to deliver the news in a tact and efficient manner using effective communication methods. My first method, a more traditional approach would be first handing out flyers, informing everyone an important town hall meeting will occur on a particular day. I would do my best to accommodate everyone's disabilities by creating a pamphlet tailored to everyone's needs. On these flyers, I would include how important everyone is to the company, some business milestones and a...

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