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Assignment Brief
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Tutor Name | David Funge |
Assignment Title | Assignment 1 (Nursing groups) |
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1. Define the following:
a. Diffusion: the process of molecules (water, gas, solids) from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration.
b. Osmosis: the movement of a solute from a high concentration to a low concentration through a semi-permeable membrane
c. Facilitated diffusion: this is the process whereby molecules move spontaneously across a biological membrane made possible by the proteins in the membrane.
d. Active Transport: the process whereby dissolved molecules move across a cell membrane from a lower to a higher concentration.

2. Which type of transport did today’s practical investigate?: osmosis

3. What trends did you observe in the group’s data?
The trends observed in the group’s data showed that;
* from distilled water there was an increase in the mass of the potato from time 5minutes to 10 minutes after 10 minutes the potato decreased in mass from time 15minutes to 20 minutes which then increased sharply from time 20 minutes to 25minutes.
* With 2%, of sugar solution the mass of the potato decreased greatly from times 5minutes to 15minutes then then started increasing in mass from time 20 minutes to 25minutes.
* With 4% of sugar solution the mass stayed the same from time 5 to 10 minutes then decreased sharply from time 15 minutes to 20 minutes and then at time 25 minutes it started to increase.
* With 6% of sugar solution, the mass at 5minutes was high but started decreasing and stayed at the same mass at time 10 minutes to 15minutes then kept decreasing at times 20minutes, then there was a change in mass which went back to the mass at time 10 to 15minutes when the potato was measured t time 25mins.
* 20% of sugar solution was used and the potato was placed in it when measured at the given times, when measured at time 5 minutes the mass was low but as time went on from times 10 minutes to 25minutes the mass of the potato decreased sharply.
* 40% sugar solution when the potato was placed into it and the mass was measured from time 5...

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