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Health Tips Essay

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E- Recruitment: The Recent Trend of Recruitment PracticesHuman resource management or managing “people” includes several activities. Today acquiring and retaining the employees is the biggest challenge. Thus staffing is a vital activity. Staffing facilitates the supply of employees. These employees are needed to fulfill the Organizational goals and objectives by their effective and efficient performance. And recruitment is a logical step in this staffing process. Recruitment is the process of creating huge pool of potential candidates. It attracts the prospective employees and stimulates them to apply for job. The ...view middle of the document...

Advantages may be Control of the administrative costs, standardization in the process, minimizes biased choices, experts are involved. Decentralized recruitment is having authority to each department to choose their staff. The companies who are geographically spread, or very big in size will find this form convenient. But the philosophy and Organization culture determines which to follow; like Bausch & Lomb have centralized recruitment form as well as G.E Opticals have the decentralized form.Cost benefit analysis will determine the source of recruitment. As the process starts by discovering the sources for required manpower, thus the search should be rigorous. Internal sources are many times over-ruled by the Organizations. One of the reason is the search is restricted within the company and limited to the suitable existing employees. External search can be done in various ways. Some of them are- employee referrals, campus recruitment, placement agencies, and advertisements. Advertisements are considered to be most effective and common part of recruitment process. Advertisements can take place through several means, like through newspaper, through magazines/journals using specifically job advertisement newspaper, through professional publication, placing advertisements in windows, through online. On line advertisements for recruitment is a minute part of e-recruitment.

E-RECRUITMENT In the era of globalization anyone who is interested in corporate world is aware of these sites.Using internet prospective applicants could search for positions in which they were interested. Contact with employers directly is viable. Feasibility of email overruled the use of telephone, fax or mail and the companies started accepting application through email. Today Organizations have their own sites or job postings are given in the placement sites. Again the candidates can visit the sites, post resume, contact the company directly without any delay. All these are just one ‘click’ away. E-recruitment is a tool for many employers to search for job candidates and for applicants to look for job. Recent trend of recruitment is e-recruitment or the internet recruitment or on-line recruitment, where the process of recruitment is automated. The automation began in 1980 but was systematized in 1990 with the release of Restrac’s initial product. E-recruitment simply means the recruitment process through internet. Various methods can be used for it.E-RECRUITING METHODSMethods of e-recruitment are many, among those the important ones are-

● Job boards: These are the places where the employers post jobs and search for candidates. Candidates become aware of the vacancies. One of the disadvantages is, it is generic in nature. Special skill candidates to be searched by certain job boards.

● Employer web sites: These sites can be of the company owned sites, or a site developed by various employers. For an example, is the first cooperative, employer-owned...

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