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Health Reforms Essay

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Many families are unable to afford the high cost of health insurance. These families are living without essential provision of good health.   The American citizens when they visit hospital and are diagnosed with major illnesses, are hampered with a huge debt, they are left with worry and pain of figuring out how to pay it.   This issue still remains part of a huge political debate in the government.   The increasing insurance cost has even affected organizations and private sectors where lesser of these organizations are offering health ...view middle of the document...

  The number of the uninsured citizens is growing rapidly, and the health of the American people is rapidly declining. Therefore, this paper seeks to design a policy and procedure promote affordable health insurance in order to bring better health back to the nation (Balau, 2012).
Design for the policy procedure
The following stages will be used accordingly in designing my Policy and Procedure manual; agenda setting, formulation, legitimization, implementation and lastly, evaluation and change.   When all these stages are put together, they will work to serve as essential viewpoint of designing the policy in a greater manner. According to Polit, a policy goes through these stages to get transformed into a better outline (Polit, 2007).
In America, healthcare is basically funded by private insurance payment. This means that those without healthcare insurance are likely not availed with government insurance covers through the state Medicaid/Medicare schemes. (Polit, 2007).
The Policy and Procedure Manual
This Policy procedure manual is unique to programs that are being offered in the hospital.
The research on the current policy and procedure manual used in the hospital show limitations. The researcher noted that some of the practices that were contained in the Policy and Procedure were not up to date. They did not meet some minimum accreditation and licensing requirements. This policy and procedure will be designed in full regard of the law of the federal government
(Polit, 2007).
The design of the policy and procedure

|P&P no. |Title |Last Revised |
|C1 |Inspection report | |
|C1-A |Health Insurance Coverage | |
|C1-B |Subcategories of the Health Insurance Coverage | |
|C2 |Information memorandum | |
|C3 |Order to take special programs | |
|C4 |Complaints evaluation and Documentation | |
|C6 |Order Prohibiting Use (Cal/OSHA 8 and S-172) | |

Health coverage for older citizens
The health insurance for older...

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