Health Promotion Through Patient Education Essay

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Health Promotion through Patient Education
Marianne Green
Grand Canyon University

February 25, 2012

Health Promotion through Patient Education
“The current care systems cannot do the job. Trying harder will not work. Changing systems of care will” (The National Academies Press, 2010, p. 41). Health care transformation has become a major focus in the United States. Implementing these changes requires a complete overhaul of the current system through changes in approaches, guidelines and direction in patient care. With the increasing amount of elderly entering the health care system, insurance premiums on the rise and health costs increasing contribute to this disparity. ...view middle of the document...

Education based on individual need, with health topics such as nutrition, maintaining healthy weights, drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, and smoking cessation classes. These services are free of charge and offered through local hospitals. Nurses organize and staff many of these events (Edelman & Mandle, 2009).
Health promotion represents constant changing variables in patient care including changes in health insurance premiums and reimbursements. Medicare costs are also increasing at the burden of the elderly. Many hospitals and physicians offices are advocating for their patient’s health by enabling them to achieve their full health potentials through cost effective health care programs. This is accomplished through educational programs to help prevent re-admission for poorly managed health conditions such as nutritional deficits, diabetes, cardiac events, and cellulitis from chronic infections. As nurses, we are the advocate for our patients. Constant assessing and reassessing of the education needs of our patients strives to prevent disease re-lapse. The goal is to see permanent behavior changes for optimal health care outcomes through compliance with the health care plan.
Nurses have an important role in community health promotion. They promote illness prevention and safety by working with individuals and groups of all ages. Immunization clinics, health education, and cancer screenings are a few examples of how nurses are utilized in the community for health promotion. Nurses are often involved in different aspects of research. For example, gathering important information on different types of cancers that will directly affect evidence-based practice. Nurses are often utilized in teaching patients the importance of eating a nutritionally balanced diet, receiving immunizations at different life stages, and creating an injury free environment as well as industrial and highway safety (Edelman & Mandle, 2009).
With the increase in health care problems, health promotion is considered one of the most appraised philosophies to help manage disease and injury. There are three categories of interventions aimed at reducing risks and threats to health. The first level of health promotion is primary prevention. The goal is to protect healthy people from developing a disease or experiencing an injury in the first place through health promotion. It is import to educate individuals on proper nutrition, regular exercise, dangers of tobacco,...

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