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Health Promotion Program Tool Essay

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Chronic Disease Guidelines - Health Promotion Program Tool

Health Promotion Program Plan
Date Location Remote Indigenous community

Problem The number of 12-17 year old males coming to the health centre with respiratory problems in MayJuly of each year has progressively increased by at least 5% every year for the last 5 years Need for HP activity (Why is the activity needed) Preventable illness Increasing presentations to centre Team members who will assist to deliver the program (include other service providers / partners) 1. Local teenagers with recent respiratory problems - research 2. Primary Health Care Centre – delivery of program  Health worker team  MO  Nursing team 3. RFDS ...view middle of the document...

Disseminate same

Chronic Disease Guidelines - Health Promotion Program Tool View Health Obtain suitable InfoNet website for 1 week tools and resources suitable resources and order same Contact Quit Program for Obtain suitable 2 weeks resources and tools and resources support Resources from ‘Keep the Flu Off You’ program Contact Population 2 weeks Resources from Health ‘Wash Wipe Cover – don’t infect another’ Contact other health services for Record responses ideas and tips on 1 week and ideas running respiratory program Display promotional and educational Items to secure posters and 3 weeks material on community displays buildings (including schools)

How is it going? What will be measured? Participant feedback?

How is it going? What will be measured? Participant feedback?

How is it going? What will be measured? Participant feedback?

How is it going? What will be measured? Participant feedback?

How is it going? What will be measured? Participant feedback?

Objective Two Develop and implement education sessions on preventing respiratory infections Resources Strategies required Actions Time frame How to achieve
objective one Tasks to do Who will do it? What is needed? Cost? When will be done?

How is it going? What will be measured? Participant feedback? How is it going? What will be measured? Participant feedback?

1. Discuss delivery of sessions with school staff

Negotiate time and resources required

Arrange presentations

Conduct sessions 2. Discuss delivery of sessions to council workforce

Make appt Negotiate time and resources required Arrange presentation Conduct sessions

Meeting date and time, names of health centre staff to talk to principal Time, recording materials, ideas from other schools, curriculum advisor (Ed Dept) Venues, videos, worksheets, model of body Demonstrations Meeting date and time, names of health centre staff to talk to principal Time, materials, ideas from Council...

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