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Health Promotion Plan Essay

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Health Promotion Plan
Linda Nowlin
Western Kentucky University
Teaching Health Promotions
Dr. Deborah Williams
March 14, 2012

NURS 340: Health Promotion Plan
Health Promotion Plan: Diet, Nurtrition (The Purpose of this Plan is to assist an individual to improve diet and nutrition through better food choices)
Name: Linda Nowlin

Describe a typical day, including eating times and places, activities, etc.
Since I work nights, my typical eating times and places are not on a schedule like most people. When I’m at work, I eat around 10 pm to 1 am. Sometimes it is just grab something while standing or sometimes sitting. Sometimes, it is in front of a computer ...view middle of the document...

I don’t have nearly enough vegetables, dairy, or fruits included. I need to try to incorporate these things into my diet daily.

How does the 24 hour recall record compare to the food pyramid of the USDA?
Again, I’ve not had the right foods to make a healthy diet. I really need to concentrate on what I’m eating and keeping a diary will show me what I’m getting too much of and not enough of. Without this record, we don’t pay attention to what we are eating and don’t get in the right foods every day. Good resources for proper nutrient consumption can be found at and

How do the following factors influence your personal eating behavior? Be specific about your own eating.
Genetic-biologic factors (Pender, p, 179) According to Pender, p. 175, heredity contributes to more than half of the variation of weight among different people. This explains why some people gain weight and others don’t, (Bloom, 2007). Genetic factors influence my eating behavior by growing up with country cooking that I crave. All the women in my family are used to cooking fried, fatty foods, and it has been instilled in me. Also, the women in my family don’t seem to have very high metabolism. By not having a rapid metabolism, fighting weight gain is a constant battle. It gets harder every year to eat the things I love and not gain weight due to my inactivity and genetic metabolism.
Psychological factors: I tend to stress eat. If I’m down or depressed, I look for comfort foods. There is something eating when I’m sad that makes me feel better. Our textbook, Pender, pg 177, explains that depression and low self esteem cause us to turn to food for comfort and of course, comfort foods are the most fattening and bad for my health. They are bad choices, but they make us feel so much better for a short time. However, later, I always wonder why I ate that when my clothes are tight. This makes me feel bad about myself and it’s depressing, and then the cycle begins again to help with the depression.
Socio-cultural factors: Social factors also influence my eating. If I’m with friends or even at work, it’s easy to order things that aren’t good for me just because everyone else is. Social eating has a big influence on me because it is fun to eat with others. Our culture has the belief that no matter what is planned, eating needs to be involved.
Environmental factors: We live in a world that is full of fast food, quick meal restaurants. Our lives are so hectic that it’s easy to go through the drive through and pick up something that we know isn’t good for us, but it is so convenient that we do it anyway to save time and take away some of our stress. Commercials add to our desire for these foods. They make them look so good that we have to try them. Our environment is full of obese people and we know that these fast food places add to the problem, but still it’s there, it’s quick and relieves some of our everyday stress.

What specific...

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