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Health Promotion In Nursing Care Essay

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Health Promotion in Nursing Care
Family Health Promotion
Feb 12, 2010

Health Promotion in Nursing Care
Now more than ever it is critical for nurses to be at the forefront of health promotion. With health care costs increasing year after year and the number of uninsured or underinsured increasing, individuals need to take more responsibility and control of their health (Overview of the uninsured in the United States: an analysis of the 2005 current population survey, 2005). “The World Health Organization stated that participation is essential to sustain health promotion” (Kalina, ...view middle of the document...

There are three distinct levels of health promotion: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary prevention supports behavioral change and the education process. This includes general health prevention such as immunizations to ensuring adequate housing. Secondary prevention supports early diagnosis and prompt treatment of disease. With secondary prevention, the goal is to limit the disability and diagnose the disease early to prevent further complications. So the highest quality of life is maintained. Health promotion at the secondary level is also about health screenings for example, to detect breast cancer, coronary artery disease, colon cancer, and diabetes. Finally, tertiary prevention, when a patient is identified with a disability. This disability is permanent and the goal is to stop the current disease process and return the patient to their maximum level of functioning within the constraints of their disability. According to Edelman and Mandle (2008), the objective is to return the individual to a useful place in society and teach lifestyle changes to prevent future disabilities. In order for individuals to maintain a healthy state of well-being, it is important for nurses to incorporate health promotion into their every day practices.
By nurses incorporating health promotion into their practices’ they are promoting autonomous behavior and promoting positive lifestyle changes. Patients and families current knowledge needs to be assessed prior to beginning educating on health promotion. By evaluating a patient’s knowledge, information can be relayed to the patient in a format they can understand (Casey, 2007). Nurses educate patients to change their lifestyles and move toward a state of optimal health and prevent diseases. Nurses and nurse case managers assist patients with chronic disease to better manage their illness, this may include rehab services to maximize their current level of function and minimize future health care costs. Nurse case managers identify any other obstacles such as a lack of access to health care or affordability. The nurse in the emergency department identifies patients in need of mental health and substance abuse counseling. Emergency department nurses can often easily identify children in need of necessary immunizations and educate parents on the importance of childhood immunizations. By doing this, the emergency department nurse becomes a patient advocate. Public health nurses are another great resource for identifying children and families at risk at the primary prevention level. Public health nurses educate families on infectious diseases, immunizations, and proper nutrition. Nurse researchers aid in the development of evidenced-based...

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