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Health Promotion Concepts Essay

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Week 2, NR455, Health Promotion Concepts
When I see the word healthy I see someone who is a happy, average weight with no health concerns at that time. I look at the whole person and the environment around them. Are they happy with their job? Are they happy with their Spouse? Choice they have made? Are there any problems at home? Are they over/underweight? Do they smoke? Do they try and eat healthy most of the time? Is there skin intact? Glowing? Do they have what they need to care for themselves and others? Is anything wrong health wise? Do they try and get exercise? If you can answer no to all these questions I think you are a healthy person. I think it’s hard to look at yourself and ask these questions and go on to make changes in your lifestyle, I think it’s easier to look at someone else and tell them what they need to do differently. Someone has to WANT to change for the better before it ...view middle of the document...

We could say that the Biomedical model here could be they have a slow metabolism and that contributes to them being overweight. Can we change that, not really. We could say that the Behavioral model is them smoking. Can we change that, yes we can. We could go into saying that Socio-Environmental model is the hypertension. Can we change that, depends on the rest of the history. What you didn’t know is that this is a; 31 year old, African American male with family history of hypertension. Now can we change it, probably not but we can cut out these other factors in hopes that it would get better.
I think the only one we can actually make a difference is the Behavioral Model, this is the one that each individual has control over to do their own part. This is what WE say; we do with our bodies, we put into our bodies, how we treat our bodies? We start by starting education, resources, support groups, healthy choices.
We are faced with the reality that unhealthy food is cheap and easy. And a down economy is forcing us to work harder and have fewer resources, making it even more difficult to find time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Colorado is the lowest nationwide in the fight against Obesity, 21% of Colorado is overweight. Colorado is starting to catch up to these other states; our numbers have doubled since 1995. More than 1 in 4 children are obese or overweight. What can we do to help keep our numbers down? More employers are giving incentives for weight loss, non-smokers, overall healthy lifestyle. We are now educating our youth about being overweight and how to prevent it. There are now calorie counts at fast food places, healthier choice when it comes to convenience food. There are more support groups out there for overweight people, we are doing more gastric surgeries to help these people. Some cites have started to put money back into the community; That money is used for a variety of initiatives, including improving sidewalks so people can get out and walk more, and setting up a farm-to-school program in Public Schools to serve fresh produce to students. The answer is prevent obesity by changing our behavior and the way we think/live.

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