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Health Promotion Among Diverse Populations Essay

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Health Promotion Among African Americans
Family-Centered Health Promotion

African Americans or Blacks have been a part of our countries history for very long time now. They have been, up until the recent years, treated unequally and discriminated. Unfortunately discrimination against African Americans and Blacks are still prevalent today. Their past in our country is not something we should ignore; rather use it as a tool of understanding the African American culture. Their perception of healthcare and their willingness to seek help could be linked to the fear of social discrimination and the possibility of being treated differently if the healthcare providers are ...view middle of the document...

Using the Health Belief Model, healthcare providers can understand and predict this particular ethnic groups overall health and their willingness to change their lifestyle to better their health. Understanding the barriers that accompany this minority group will help gear healthcare providers care plan in education and health promotion. All of the factors associated with high mortality rate and chronic diseases with African Americans can easily be managed with the correct education and resources. Some barriers associated with African Americans are their low socioeconomic status that can in turn, have an impact on their perception and understanding of health. “The United States Census Bureau (2012) states the median income in 2011 for African Americans was $33,223 whereas white Americans earned $53,444 during the same time period” (Huntley, Heady, 2014). Financial burdens can most defiantly impact a person’s decision, no matter what the race, on whether or not they perceive seeking medical help as a necessary action or not. Research also suggests that the environment in which the particular African American lives can either positively or negatively affect their health status. Hypertension is seen to be higher in areas where the African Americans are segregated and are in poverty stricken areas as opposed to the opposite. Where there is poverty, there are people who are lacking the proper nutritional needs, exercise and education on the importance of maintaining ones health. When living in conditions such as these, stress can contribute to the everyday living situations and stress is one of the factors that help precipitate hypertension.
When considering health promotion and prevention for African Americans, consideration of the cultural barriers and their self-care attitudes must be assessed. Primary prevention can be achieved by establishing a trusting relationship with the patient and assessing their preferred learning style. Providing them with factual information and resources to programs that can help support them with their financial issues, can impact their health positively. Putting word out, that there are community organizations that team up with healthcare professionals such as churches, can influence members of the black community to seek medical help. “The church is highly regarded as one of the most...

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