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Health Promotion Among Divers Populations Essay

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Health Promotion Among Diverse Populations
Shannon Tumblin
Grand Canyon University
Family-Centered Health Promotion
Denice Gibson
February 22, 2015

Health Promotion Among Diverse Populations
A person’s culture often delineates an individual or a group of individuals that have shared values, religious preferences, languages and lifestyles. Culture is typically passed from one generation to the next while lifestyle choices and tradition are picked up along the way. These choices have a great impact on the ability to live a healthy life. While there are many ethnic groups residing in the United States today, Hispanics have this highest number of residents with a sixty ...view middle of the document...

According to a study done by the National Alliance for Hispanic Heath, an overwhelming 86 percent of the Hispanics diagnosed with diabetes said that they are unable to lead a healthy lifestyle even after being aware they have the diagnosis. (Livingston, Minushkin, & Cohn, 2012) Reasons for not being compliant could be a result of lack of education. Approximately 62 percent of Hispanic kindergarteners are expected to graduate from high school compared to 91 percent of white kindergarteners according to a study done by Annie E. Casey Foundation in 2012. (Casey, 2015) Latinos that are educated and have access to a medical system and insurance will generally have better control over their health promotion than those with lower education levels and no health insurance.
Health Promotion Defined by the Hispanic Population
Hispanic immigrants are not necessarily accustomed to health promotion. While this culture may expect health care providers to provide treatment and medications to cure illnesses they have, it is difficult for them to be proactive with disease prevention and self-responsibility with regard to eating healthy and getting daily exercise. For example, a Hispanic female diagnosed with diabetes may feel that she does not have the time or money to eat and cook healthy meals due to her working so much and taking care of her children. Until the day that she has to have a bilateral amputation when she does have the time, but still does not have the money. (Escarce, 2002)
Barriers to Health of Hispanic Population
Hispanic communities have many barriers to health promotion. The primary barrier is language. Patient-provider communication is crucial. Poor communication that results from language barriers can affect the potential outcome of care. For example, inadequate treatment, missed diagnoses, unnecessary testing and procedures as well as dissatisfaction and fear causing the patient to not seeking future medical care when needed. Cultural factors are also barriers to health that can be experienced by the Hispanic population. Having a provider care for and treat a patient of this ethnicity who is not familiar with their culture may not realize how important it is to them to have family involvement when making medical decisions or receiving discharge planning. This may lead to confusion or noncompliance as well as the patient not wanting to return for future medical follow up care.
The socioeconomic status among Hispanics varies among the different subgroups. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are said to have the highest poverty levels while Cubans and Central Americans are...

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