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Health Policy Issues Essay

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Health Policy Issues

Mellissia Barrett


Dr. Gloria Wilson

November 12, 2012

Health Policy Issues

Health care has been around since ancient times. And through the years the health care field has made many changes, splitting into different sects just as mental health, primary care, and specialty care. The cost of health care has changed and so has how we access that health care. Physicians once made house calls and now they are housed in office buildings or hospitals. Goods were once traded for fee for service providers and now people have insurance of every shape and size. Quality was a priority once, but has that held up through the years? Numerous policies have ...view middle of the document...

In 1997, AAMC President Cohen applauded is educators for their leadership "in improving the quality of health care through cutting-edge medical services" and chastised them for it taking so long to realize the importance of "holding down the costs of health care" (Levey, 1999). This goes to show just how important quality to care among all healthcare facilities both large and small is. The year 1997 also brought the Balanced Budget Act, which brought reforms of formulas for setting rates paid to Medicare (McBride, 1998). However, this brought disparities in benefits of plans offered in premiums charged by Medicare, which does change the quality of health care for the elderly and disabled.

The American Medical Association states there too many Americans without access to health care. The AMA and the AMA-MSS have been involved in policy development, community service, education, and awareness efforts (Associaltion, 2012). The American Medical Association is a leading activist promoting health care policy development, community service, education, and awareness to remedy the problem of health care access.

The AMA aims to improve patient safety by providing model programs and tools and advocating for safe clinical work environments for patients, physicians, and the health care team (Associaltion, 2012).  The American Medical Association is a wonderful resource for patients, physicians, and any other health care provider to find information and guidance on how to improve the quality of care in their facility.

The American Medical Association along with the Partnership for Patients, which brings together leaders from hospitals, employers, physicians, nurses, patient advocates, in the government, in an effort to make hospital care safer, more reliable and less costly (Association, 2011). This initiative seeks to help reduce hospital acquired conditions by 40% by the end of 2013, decrease preventable hospital remissions within 30 days of the discharge so that by 2013 there’ll be a reduction of 20% compared to 2010 (Association, 2011). Reducing costs by preventing re-infection, providing education, ensuring patient understanding will go a long way.

Now that managed care organizations and the advocates have been explored, it seems only proper to move on to how politicians view health care and what role they play in the access to care. Health care reform is not just a hope or a dream in the longer; it is however on the forefront of society and political lips. With the Affordable Care Act over the next few years all citizens of the United States will be required to have health care insurance. The government has stepped in and created this policy to help ensure everyone is covered.

It is the hope of the President and Congress that quality of care will be improved.  These new models encourage doctors to better coordinate a patient’s care, track prescriptions, and avoid duplication of treatments or...

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