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Health Models Essay

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Marxist Approach:
This approach strongly believes that health and social care services provided in society only serve the interest of the more presiding social classes rather than those of the patients. This is because doctors and other health professionals are viewed as the agents of the ruling class hence, they ensure the labour force or proletariat are healthy by treating them from their illness as soon possible. Their main role is to provide company owners with a healthy workforce. In addition to all this, the government allows unhealthy products such as junk food and tobacco to be produced and sold in order for companies to make profits when in actual facts the ruling class is ...view middle of the document...

3. The labelling process: this process looks at consequence that comes along with an illness carrying a negative stigma when a patient is labelled with it through an interaction with the doctor. Some of these illnesses have a lasting consequence for those it is attached examples are HIV/AIDS, Ebola. Some people are not even able to secure jobs as employers won’t take somebody with a history of mental illness.
Functionalist approach:
This approach was brought up by a man named Talcott Parsons. He came up with the sick role saying everybody has rights and obligations when a person is taken sick. Some of these rights were the sick person was to be exempted from social obligations for example going to

work, school and other family obligations. Doctors had the right to decide who was sick and not and who those rights and obligations should be given to. The sick person must go by the advice given by the doctor, and judgement shouldn’t be given, but must return immediately to their social roles on medical advice. This was to allow the effective function of society as it will prevent the spread of diseases.

HEALTH: is a relative concept as there is great difficulty in agreeing on one definition.
* Negative: A view that health is being free from pain, discomfort and also the absence of disease.
* Positive: feeling fit and well in the body mind and spirit.
* Holistic: this approach attempts to meet the needs of the whole person hence approaches the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health of a person.
* Functional: being able to perform certain day to day activities.
* Disability: is when society does not take into account the needs of people with impairments because of lack of appropriate services and facilities and even social attitudes to meet their needs. For example, buildings might lack ramps and doorways may be too narrow for people using wheelchairs. A hearing impaired person may also be disabled if he or she does not have access to hearing aids.
* Impairment: is referred to the restrictions on day-to-day activities due to a long term mental or physical...

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