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Health Mangement Essay

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The Case for Open Heart Surgery at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital
HSA 599 Capstone
Andrea Jackson
Professor Lisa Jones
February 16, 2013

It was a clear, crisp October morning in Concord, North Carolina. The board of trustees of Cabarrus Memorial Hospital gathered in the windowless, walnut paneled boardroom for its monthly meeting. Board chairman George Batte opened the meeting saying. “Because we do not have open heart surgery program, patients needing open heart surgery or coronary angioplasty have to be transferred to another hospital, causing inconvenience to the patient’s families and risk from delayed treatment. There are several questions we have to answer in addressing this issue. Should we add open heart surgery to the mix of cardiac services we offer? Does the hospital’s existing service area provide adequate patient volumes to support the program? ...view middle of the document...

He is being heavily recruited by other medical centers.”
Mr. Bette then asked Bob Wall, president of Cabarrus Memorial Hospital (CMH), to address the board on the issue. Mr. Wall said, “As we all know, our cardiac catheterization service is run by a Duke Medical Center physician. Our intent has been for the surgical portion of the heart program to be provided by Duke. Dr. Christy is completing a heart surgery residency through Sanger Clinic and wants to return to Concord to practice. Needless to say, we face a dilemma and there are very different points of view in our medical staff as to the structure and relationship involved in developing a full-fledged heart program at CMH. I bring this to your attention now because Dr. Christy has to make a career choice before January 1st.” Trustee Battle reminded everyone, “Dr. Christy grew up in our community and worked part-time in the hospital while in high school and college. After medical school and a residency in general surgery, he practiced here at CMH prior to leaving to complete his fellowship in cardiovascular surgery. Dr. Christy was very popular among the staff and patients and I, for one, very much want to see him return.” The board has to make its decision about the future of the cardiac program at CMH before offering Dr. Christy a position; however, it was clear that Dr.Christy could not wait too much longer to be offered a position by CMH. He has received multiple offers but, if he delayed, the offers might be withdraw. (Swayne, Duncan & Ginter 2009)
This paper will discuss the ways the program does or does not comply with the hospital’s mission. First, I will analyze whether or not CMH has sufficient infrastructure and financial resources/leverage necessary to add the program. Secondly, I will describe the competitive situation among other area hospitals that could impact the decision. Then, I will describe the change in the service area required for the cardiovascular surgery service. Finally I will discuss alternative strategies the Board should consider before making a “go/no-go” decision on the possible addition of the open heart program.

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