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Health Information Exchange Essay

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Health Information Exchange is leading the way to better Medical Care
Medicine has come a long way in the past few decades. Today’s doctors and nurses have some amazing tools at their disposals. The latest high tech equipment, modern pharmaceuticals and procedures but in many cases the most important tool that is needed is information. Patient information to be more precise is what is needed. Correct and up to the minute information about a patients history is a vital part of treatment. And yet for many, access to this most important vital tool still lingers in the dark ages. It can be found scattered around filing systems in different offices, highly subject to retrieval by hand and ...view middle of the document...

The good thing is that both the government and private sector have invested money to help promote the exchange.
With health information exchange, your medical records are available electronically to your participating care givers instantly right when they need them. CMS states that “the advantage of an electronic health record is that everything is in one place. That includes all the information from your current visit as well as your previous visits from all the sites that you have visited.” For example, if a doctor is talking to a patient that has broken their arm, the patients x-ray pops up on the doctor’s computer screen. The doctor is able to look at the patient’s previous information including what medications they are on, what happened to them in the past, what tests they had done as well as the results. This means that the doctor does not need to repeat tests that have already been done, the doctor can see the results of those test so he can see more of what’s going on. This network of electronic medical records can be within a single hospital or several participating hospital, doctors and clinics. Not only does this improve your medical care, but it also helps to protect the confidentiality of your personal health information.
In the past, doctors would ask for the patient information to be faxed. What was found with this method was a large amount of errors, and breeches in patient confidentiality. It could be sitting on the...

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