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Health Economic Costs Of Tobacco Smoking In Canada

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Health Economic Costs of Tobacco Smoking in Canada
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Health Economic Costs of Tobacco Smoking in Canada

This paper is about the use of tobacco in Canada. The paper will also identify the economic and health costs of using tobacco in Canada. There will also be a discussion of tobacco smoking prevention. The paper will follow a proper pattern. There are several concerns about tobacco smoking in Canada. The government is very concern about this issue and working really hard to get rid of this dangerous habit. The Canadian population is addict to this unhealthy habit of tobacco smoking (Albert Health Services, 2012).

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Economic Costs of Smoking
The cost of smoking is usually referred to the difference between two types of costs. One is the cost in case of prevalence of smoking and the other cost is the cost when there had been no smoking. The costs if smoking is calculated by subtracting these costs. There are usually two distinct types of costs associated with the tobacco smoking. One is the direct cost and the other is the indirect cost. Direct cost includes the cost of those tobacco services and goods that involve a monetary exchange. This direct cost usually takes place at the market place. Indirect cost refers to those losses that have no exchange of money. This cost includes the loss to valuable time due to the disability and illness due to smoking. The other indirect cost may be the premature loss of lives (WHO, 2011).

Direct Costs
This cost include the monetary costs occurred due the illness caused by smoking related activities. The other form of direct cost is the monetary cost of tobacco services and goods consumed. We have to make payments in the direct cost of smoking. Some of the direct costs of smoking occurred by using healthcare services. Other direct costs are related to non-healthcare costs (WHO, 2011). Researchers have identified two basic approaches for the determination of direct economic costs of smoking. These two approaches are lifetime cost and annual cost approach. The following section will present both the direct and the indirect costs of smoking.
The healthcare costs of smoking include physician services, hospitalization, medications, home care nursing, home healthcare, and the cost of services of other providers of healthcare. This also includes the costs of alternative and complementary medicine, herbal treatments, and traditional healers. Medical equipment and supplies are also categorized in the healthcare costs of tobacco smoking (WHO, 2011).
Non-healthcare costs have a wide rage. They range from transportation to property losses. Insurance premiums and cleaning of smoke and clothes are also categorized in this type. There have been several cases reported of firing due to smoking. This also adds to the expenses of the businesses. The businesses need to hire new people for the replacements of sick smokers (WHO, 2011).

Indirect Costs
The major indirect cost associated with the smoking is the cost of morbidity. This represents the loss of productivity from a person who is ill or has smoking related disease. An ill person due to smoking may not work at full potential and hence may no longer remain beneficial for the company and himself. This cost is usually determined through a comparison. The comparison is drawn between what would a person had performed in case of healthy life and in case of ill and diseased life (WHO, 2011).
Smokers have an amplified chance of dying from a number of illnesses that have been causally related to smoking. The lives lost in this...

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