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Health Care Utilization Essay

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Health Care Museum
Tamecka Peterson
May 17, 2014
Crystal Frankart

Health Care Museum

Since the early eighteen hundreds a lot has changed in health care. During this time and
age women were the primary caregivers. Domestic medicine also so known as physicians
treated the serious cases.

As the Health Care Hall of Fame Museum curator I would integrate several exhibits that
have changed health care.

Midwifery has been a long standing practice for women as childbirth was something that normally took place at home. In the 15th and 16th century midwifes were thought of as “the early companions of the devil” (The Witchammer, 1487). These women had not been ...view middle of the document...

Providers were reimbursed at a fee for service rate
It was post World War II that advancements in the medical care had soared which also came with a higher price tag. Non physician therapists as well as respiratory therapist just to name a few had improved as well as had changed the way of technology which offered sophisticated therapies as well as treatment plans. As a result, this too contributed to the increase of healthcare costs.

Managed Care
Managed care was something that did was not recognized until the late 1970’s at which point it began to gain national recognition. In the Managed Care setting, providers/physicians agree to receive payment on a per/person capitation pre arrangement rather than payment for services received. This arrangement is known as the HMO or Health and Maintenance Organization one of which is Kaiser Permanente. In the past two decades, and in order to actively compete with traditional insurance companies the staff model HMO was the only option aside from the fee for service insurance which had been around for decades.

In the 19th century health care insurance was considered to be disability insurance as it only covered emergency services for injuries that would leave someone with a disabling condition. Individuals were expected to pay...

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